Defining Irritable



1. easily irritated or annoyed; readily excited to impatience or anger.
2. Physiology, Biology. displaying irritability.
3. Pathology. susceptible to physical irritation.
4. Medicine/Medical. abnormally sensitive to a stimulus.
5. SmakenDahed. these last few weeks.


RAF Plan B

I tried running my level 21 Mage around with my son’s level 31 Paladin but things were a little slow, especially when he was playing the Paladin because he was running around exploring the area (Darkshire) that he hadn’t seen before. I ended up switching over to Olen and we duoed in Stranglethorn Vale for a bit until he found his mom bought him a new word search puzzle book.

So I continued (to his amazement) with both running off my (3 year old) machine and got the dwarves another level (they’re both level 32, nearing 33) but I really wanted to get a Mage going. I decided it would be easier to recreate one and group it up with one of his other characters.

He had a level 1 Dwarf Warrior (he likes Dwarves) which was perfect. Freshly created, never entered the game. I created a Gnome Mage companion for him and a short while later both of them are level 10 and parked near Ironforge.

I will get to level 30 with that Gnome Mage and focus on Olen and the Paladin after. Really, it shouldn’t take too long. The Warrior is quite durable and deals decent damage. Unfortunately, I’ve completely neglected the Mage, it just tails along behind the Warrior. I think it cast maybe two attack spells the whole time. I’m guessing when I get Flamestrike I’ll make some use of that to help the Warrior with damage.

This would be what Hudson warned me about (skills not being on par with the level), but I’m patient and I’ll work the skills up.

I think it is probably a better approach simply because it helps me level up more than one of my son’s characters and I’m accumulating some more bonus levels to grant to more of my alts. :)

Sneaky Bastid…

A co-worker popped over to talk about WAR yesterday afternoon. Of course he suggested I should try WAR again and mentioned he’s having all sorts of fun. There have been a lot of changes and nerfs. He switched to Order side and made an Iron Breaker. That character is already level 40  but his Realm Rank is trailing because they’ve made changes on how easy that is to raise.

It seems they’ve made it so you have to switch up the scenarios, you can’t just run the same one every time. They’ve also made flipping points in the open RVR areas (lakes) little value, but flipping them all gets you a nice big reward. (I seem to remember that being the case when I was playing)

Oddly enough, when I was doing my MMO thrash (flailing about trying to find a MMO to hold my interest) I didn’t really consider WAR. It just seemed to be a little… well… weird. I couldn’t find a class I was happy with and there were some really bad balance issues. A lot of false promises like balancing the Order vs. Destro pops? Hah, yeah, right… that still isn’t working.

I guess it was just a matter of the mouthpiece of WAR did his job well and hyped it up. I can remember thinking, “Man, this guy can make hemorrhoid cream sound fun and exciting.”

The first 10 levels were a lot of fun, but as you got into the higher levels, I just found the PVE a little too bland. PVP had some still crap like not being able to LOS turrets, LOS not impacting those magnet thingies, being able to blast people through walls and stacking AoEs on top of each other for quick wins.

Ah well. I’ll likely try it for ten days, but I doubt I’ll stick it out.

I’m so positive lately.

Dwarf Update…

The dwarves hit 31 and 30 last night. I got them flight points in Arathi Highlands (quests seem a little high there), Red Ridge, Darkshire and the Rebel Camp (in Stranglethorn Vale).

I left them parked in STV because I think they’re about the right level for the Nessingway hunting quests, but I’ll move to where ever my son wants to go.

Galiana is in Darkshire (which I keep misspelling as Darkshite) with some quests ready to go. I think she can get the XP bonus from having the linked character around as long as the quests are at least green to the recruit character. That means I’ll have to level her a few levels so she has quests at around 23-24 to hand in then I’ll summon the dwarf over. Getting her to 30 will be my main priority, then I’ll switch to focus entirely on the dwarves. I’ve respec’ed her to Fire since that should make quick work of most mobs she’ll face.

I debated having the Paladin trail along behind her for bonus XP, but I think that would end up leveling the Paladin a little out of the way of Olen. I’m not sure if I mind that or not – I think I’d rather play DPS than healing at this point so I might do that – I just won’t get the quests.

Hmm… maybe I switch to the Mage to help level the Paladin and dump the levels on the Priest since he’s already level 30?

I think I might do that. It’s not like he really needs the healing – it helps for breaking camps, but then, so does sick AE damage.  :)

Apple to Release a New Console!

Okay, not really. But if you think about, the Mac has a lot of the same qualities as a console.

  • It looks neat.
  • You can (and will) buy a lot of accessories for it.
  • There is a computer in there some where.
  • It can play media.
  • And the main kicker is: you can’t really change the hardware inside.

Again, not really. There aren’t nearly enough games for the Mac to be considered a console, but you have to wonder if MicroSoft jumped on the standardized computer hardware as a console (oh hai Xbox!) because they were inspired by the Mac.

Consoles have always been pretty single purpose and the hardware reflected that, but with the XBox generation, you started seeing what looked like a standardized, computer gaming platform.

And yes, I’m aware that most of the above is the same for PCs, but the last point is the biggest similarity.

Bartle Test 2009

I saw that TAGN had a Bartle Test result up there and it got me curious where I’d be now and with WoW in mind so I took the test again. Here was my result:

  • Explorer 80%
  • Killer 60%
  • Socializer 33%
  • Achiever 27%

This time I ended up as an EKSA. Previously I believe I was a AKSE or something to that effect. I’ll have to take it again in a couple of months (or years) to see if it stays the same or not.

I’m not too surprised about this result, I’ve definitely shifted more towards PVP in the last little while and exploration is a pretty big deal to me. I hate missing out on zones or instances or even raids. The fact that there are instances I’ve yet to see drives me bonkers, let alone raids.

The reduced Achiever score is definitely related to WoW since I feel it’s really so accessible it stops being any sort of achievement.



… and the details are quite impressive. Yes, I’m glad I read the benefits but I’m torn about where I want to grant the  bonus levels when I get them – and I will ensure I get them.

What in-game benefits will linked accounts receive?

  • Recruit and veteran characters can summon one another to each other’s locations across the globe.
  • While adventuring with your linked friend or family member, you will each gain triple experience while partied up to level 60.
  • For every two levels recruit characters earn, one “grantable” level is gained. Recruit characters may then grant these levels to lower level veteran characters.

Note: In-game benefits will only be available while an account link is active.

Do I always gain triple experience while I am linked to my recruit?

No. In order to receive triple experience, you must be partied with a character on a linked account and within 100 yards of one another. With this, both characters (veteran and recruit) must be present for each kill and quest completion.

Also, should monsters or quests be marked as “Low Level” or listed as gray in difficulty for either character, triple experience will not apply.

Is quest experience tripled, too?

Yes, but only if both veteran and recruit characters are present for quest completion and if the monster or quest is not marked as “Low Level” (typically gray in difficulty, though sometimes green) for either linked character.

Do our characters (my character and my recruit’s character) have to be same level in order to receive triple experience?

No, but you must be within 4 levels of one another and meeting all other triple experiences requisites in order for both characters to receive triple experience. If this level requirement is not met, only the lower level character will receive the bonus.

For example: Should your character be 5 levels higher than your recruit, only your recruit’s character will be eligible for triple experience (provided that all other requirements are met, as well).

Will the experience bonus apply to only one character? Or are all characters linked to the account eligible to receive it?

All characters below level 60 on both the veteran and recruit account are eligible to receive the experience bonus.

Is reputation increased, as well?

Yes, though only by 10%. This increase will only affect normal mob kills which typically yield reputation; reputation provided by quest completion or other activities will not be eligible for the bonus.

All requisites for triple experience must be met for the reputation increase to apply.

At what point do experience and reputation bonuses end?

Characters will no longer be eligible for triple experience and increased reputation gain once level 60 or when the account link breaks after 90 days.

How can my recruit grant me levels?

Your recruit will need to right-click your target character’s portrait and select “Grant A Level.”

Note: Characters must be within 100 yards of one another for level granting to work properly levels may not be granted cross-zone.

Are there are any restrictions on granting levels?

Yes: 1) Levels may only be granted to characters on a veteran account by characters on a linked recruit account; 2) levels may only be granted to characters of the same faction and on the same realm; 3) levels may not be granted to characters over level 59; and 4) levels may not be granted to characters of equal or higher level; 5) levels may not be granted once a 90-day account link breaks.

With this, once a level is granted, it may not be used again. For example: If a recruit character possessed 15 “grantable” levels and provided 10 to a veteran character, only 5 would remain for future use.

At what level is the first “grantable” level gained?

The first “grantable” level is gained at level 2.

At what level do recruit characters cease to gain levels to grant?

The ability to gain levels stops at level 60.

What is the maximum amount of “grantable” levels a single recruit character can achieve?

A recruit character can gain up to 30 “grantable” levels.

Note: When our new Recruit-A-Friend program launched, the maximum number of levels a single recruit player could earn was 29. This maximum value was increased to 30 with the launch of Patch 3.0.8. Unfortunately, this change was not retroactive; thus, recruit characters created prior to 3.0.8 may only be able to gain 29 levels in total.

Now my Hunter has the nifty shoulder items that grant a 10% bonus to XP (among other things), my Priest is leveling up along side my son’s so he cannot boost that character up beyond his own level (which is fine). My Death Knight is already level 60 so that’s out of the question. That leaves my Shaman (7) or my Mage (21).

If I dump 30 levels on the Mage it’ll be level 51 which is pretty close to BC level. Of course, if I group the Mage with the Paladin for a bit, she’ll get the triple XP bonus so I can boost her to 30 then add the 30 bonus levels on top to make her  hit 60.

I’ve always wanted a high level Mage type. Of course, I’ve always wanted a high level Warrior and Rogue too but I think I like the big booms more – I can get chopping action from my Paladin.

Mounted Dwarves…

… we hit 30 last night.

My son did the thing most people hate to have happen when someone levels while grouping: “Okay, going to train!”

Which left me  hanging half way to 30 so I went ahead and completed some quests while he was running around training and stuff. This time, I waited until he was close before handing them in. Soon after I was 30 as well and I popped over to get my new spells and train in riding while he ran around and ‘powed’ slimes.

We stopped there because it was bed time but next session we could probably move into the Arathi Highlands because the quests and mobs in the area are starting to turn green. Ah, well, we’ll have to ‘pow’ the ghost sailors first – that’s a must for him.