I Love Ogres and Photoshop…

I tweaked the title image for this blog and I’ll likely tweak it some more at a later time. It’s really nice to be able to do that. Originally I just had the text but I wanted to tie in the red of the banner. I opened the PSD file I had, hid the text layers, added another layer, added the red gradient and re-enabled the other layers.

Crap. I noted the “ranDOM” text was under the gradient layer.

Fortunately, I could just grab that layer in the side panel and move it up above the background layer. Voila. Done.

I didn’t realize that was available before and I’m still a Photoshop n00b. I’m not sure if that was available in the previous version either, maybe it’s new feature.

By the way, I’m anti-piracy. I won’t rant. I just wanted that clear and to note all my software is legit.

Oh, on to Ogre loving. This past Wednesday I had my pen and paper D&D session where I’m DMing. The group is heading into the north east end of Karrnath (they’re playing in Eberron) and were getting harassed by Madborn creatures (effectively a template applied to regular humanoids) – I won’t go into detail on what they are and I ask readers not to reveal it in case a player reads it. Anyway, I through some Madborn Ogres at them, one was actually a Madborn Ogre Barbarian (as per the MM).

It was a rough fight, the Madborn Ogres used max Power Attack (-5 to hit but +10 to damage because they were using two handers) so they hit really hard when they did hit. When they missed, they were off balance and therefore flat-footed. They’re also in a constant state of Rage which augments their STR and CON, reduces their AC and DEX which makes them hit even harder, more durable than normal but at the cost of being pretty easy to hit and vulnerable to Sneak Attacks should they miss.

Now the regular Madborn Ogres ended up with a +5 to hit, the Madborn Ogre Barbarian (no, I didn’t stack Rages) ended up with +13 to hit and +26 to damage as a base. It was pretty sick.

Fortunately for the group, they weren’t really all that intelligent, at least not initially. No spoilers please! The group defeated them but it cost them one of their Clerics who made a tactical mistake of Withdrawing from a creature that has a 10 foot reach. This was unfortunate because it was almost dead at that point and he probably could have killed it if he attacked instead. Of course, he didn’t know that so I can’t really blame him for wanting to get out of there.

This group is Evil oriented, mostly Lawful Evil, but there are some non-Lawful types in there too so the remaining Cleric, who is focusing on Necromancy, considers animating the Cleric. Hehe, gotta love Evils. He decides against it since there is a chance that the organization they’re working for (Order of the Emerald Claw) has resources to aid in bringing him back to the living. But, the next day (they were attacked during their period of rest) he ends up casting Desecrate and follows up with Animate Dead on the Ogre corpses.

The bugger.

With Desecrate and his Domain ability (not a standard Domain), he’s able to animate all four of the Ogres as zombies. Now I let it slide that the Ogre Barbarian actually had about 8HD rather than 4HD so he’s ended up with 4 4HD large zombies.

They’re durable and they bloody well hit hard too.

This was post was inspired when he sends me an IM (I work with the guy) saying:

Kinda like towing 4 Ogres around, heh heh.

The scary thing is that he’s not going to be the only guy in the group with pets. The group has a Druid that summons up creatures, that Cleric who summons up undead (and now has some minions), another Cleric would could do the same if he wanted, an Artificer who will eventually be able to create constructs and a Wizard:Enchanter that is going with the Mindbender prestige class (which means he’ll eventually have a permanently dominated minion of his own soon – aside from all the charms and dominates he’ll have).

It’s sick. Combat is more about their minions than them at the moment.

I feel for the Warforged Fighter/Juggernaut and the Changeling Rogue. They get their actions each round while the others summon up and control other stuff on top of their characters. Maybe they’ll grab the Leadership Feat and pick up some followers that way…



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