Thorgrim Needs More Order

… for me to annhilate. Now that I’m up there in ranks (11), I’m blowing through the enemy… and not in the way they’d want my Witch Elf to.

Actually, it really started to show when I got my daggers upgraded and worked on my Apothecary to bolster my strength, give me a damage shield and drop 500 point heals on myself if I strayed too far from healers (if they were healing). I’ve been redesigning the orifices of humans, dwarves and high elves for quite a few levels now… I’m just more sneaky about it now that I have Stealth.

And I have to give Mythic credit for how Stealth works in their game, it’s quite good. It’s one of the better Stealth mechanics I’ve seen in a game yet. Why? Well:

  1. It can be seen through sometimes, but not always (Hi2U AoC)
  2. It doesn’t appear to break when someone does see you and attacks you
  3. It doesn’t slow you down like it does in almost every other MMO
  4. It has a 30 seconds cool down which makes you need to think about when to use it (I admit, this might be a little high)
  5. It drops when you interact with things
  6. It has a limited duration
  7. It costs you Action Points while you’re using it, but not all of them like the run ability

Here are a few things I’ve done while stealthed that I really enjoyed:

  • I bypassed the tanks, DPS and such to sneak up on the healers which I can put down fast if I wait until they start to heal someone since I know their defensive target is set to someone else. I swear, I can almost hear the, “Oh shit!”s coming from them when I decloack behind them, nailing them with a backstab followed up by a Kiss of Death (damage proc + heal effectiveness debuff), DoT, damage, and puncture to finish them off.
  • One time I bypassed their whole group and took out their capture point in Khaine’s Embrace. In fact, I did that a few times.
  • I’m taking out Blade Masters and White Lions more reliably now. I mow through Archmages, Rune Priests and Warrior Priests. I do about the same to Witch Hunters and Shadow Warriors.
  • I stealth around our capture point protecting it. I usually wait for someone to try to capture it and then I pounce which interrupts them and lets me get in several shots.
  • I bail people out who think they’re going to die (i.e. decloak and clobber a tank who is eating a healer)

Really, it’s been a lot of fun.

Sadly, the most vicious thing I’ve seen done before wasn’t done by me. No, Chance gets credit for that. He fires an AE Root that traps Order folks at the altar area when Khaine’s explosions are about to go off then he gets out of there. Very nice!

Oh right, so yeah, Thorgrim needs more Order people or they need to start queuing up for scenarios because it’s pretty slow over there.

In case you were wondering, you can queue up no matter what rank (level) you are. If you’re rank 1 you will get bolstered up to about rank 8 – you don’t gain any new abilities, but you’ll have the health, hit and damage capabilities of about that rank.You actually have some really good people on the Order side so not every scenario will be a loss – most of them will be, but not all of them.

So queue up! You just have to click the war icon in the upper left corner of your mini-map.

And if you see a Witch Elf named, “Sindaena” target someone else.


2 thoughts on “Thorgrim Needs More Order

  1. Hehe It turns out the queuing issue was related to a bug, or so Mythic said.

    I did notice Nordenwatch got a lot more action the last little while when I was playing a Magus and yesterday Phoenix Gate actually popped a few times.

    I’m not sure I like CTF in RVR, it seems sort of… forced. Capturing and holding a spot? Cool, it has some tactical sense to it, but grabbing a flag and running around with it? Meh.

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