Green Party…

… sounds pretty reasonable until I hear May suggest that Canada’s worst threat is the climate and she will be removing the term ‘Defense’ from the military.

One thought on that is: what happens when things change and some one else does become a threat?

I’m currently running checking out The National’s coverage of the leaders. In truth, it’s far better than the debate was so far.

I’ll check out the other two they have up there next. The have one for the NDP and Jack Layton and one, recent one, for the Liberals and Dion (which doesn’t appear to be up yet).

There was another video about the debate and examining the points. As expected, most leaders focused on bits and pieces of the truth that suited their ends. Although, they were mostly honest in their defenses… apparently.


2 thoughts on “Green Party…

  1. Haha I’ve also been suffering from the WAR bug. As Darren (from TCS) mentions, it seems a lot of bloggers playing WAR aren’t blogging as much.

    I’ve also been digging around with politics because we (Canadians) are about to have an election as well and I like to give all the parties a fair view.

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