New Democratic Party (a.k.a NDP)…

… my biggest worry here is that they seem to be anti-large corporation. They seem down on large banks and big companies. Now maybe a lot of that is from their apparent dislike of Canada’s resources being exploited so maybe it’s directed more at the oil companies and banks, but I’m not hearing a whole lot of information from them with regards from high tech.

I hear a lot about the everything else. This is going to be a party whose plan I’ll actually have to read through because I do like a lot of what they have to say. But I’m worried about where they’re going to get the money for this.

Raising my taxes? Raising taxes against the company I work for? Fortunately, the company I work for is very ‘green’ and actually has ‘green’ office buildings all over the world. But still, will the NDP increase taxes despite that? To the point where they will move to other countries to do business?

I’m not all that worried about finding another job because after, almost, 11 years of working in high tech for who I’ve been working for with my hand in as many products as I have, I shouldn’t have a hard time. The worry comes from the unknown. Will I have to look for another job? Will I have to move? I really like working where I am now and I have to admit, I’d miss it.

Either way, I’ll be reading the NDP plan to see how it suits me. Here are the videos to The National’s interview with Jack Layton, Leader of the NDP. I have to admit, I like that Peter Mansbridge is questioning them and not giving them a lot of wiggle room.

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