4e Source Books: Adventurer’s Vault

I ordered a pair of the recently released source books: Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide and Adventurer’s Vault.

I’ll quickly talk about the Adventurer’s Vault. It contains a ton of items of use to characters from weapons and armor to mounts and vehicles and magic items for all ‘slots’. The appendix that lists all the magic items starts at page 199 and ends at page 223 – it’s two columns per page.

Items have levels attached to them and scaling effects. Due to the change of how saving throws works (they’re now target numbers or DCs – think AC rolls – that casters have to ‘hit’), some items add effects to these defenses. Others have neat powers. One thing struck a chord with me – thanks to WAR – and I think I’ll implement it in my current campaign. I have the perfect opportunity for it.

What am I talking about?

Battle Standards. WAR folks have an idea of how these work.

Here’s a look at a couple of the other magic items in the book (I’m not kidding when I say there are TONS in here).

Flamewrath Cape

Intermittent wisps of smoke rise from this garment, which can burst into flame upon your command.

(There are a series of modifiers tied to levels which I won’t quote – gotta get the book for that info)

Item Slot: Neck

Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will

Property: Gain an item bonuse to Intimidate checks equal to the cloak’s enhancement bonus.

Power (Daily – Fire): Minor Action. Until the end of your next turn, your melee attacks deal extra fire damage equal to the cloak’s enhancement bonus. Also, until the ned of your next turn, an enemy that hits you with a melee attack takes 3d6 fire damage.

(It scales up as well, but I’m not going to post those numbers.)

Pretty cool. Not only does the cloak add to your Fort, Will and Reflex Defenses, but it increases your Intimidate skill (makes sense) based on the potency of the enhancement value. Tack on the once per day Power… sweetnees. I will say that this item is Level 14 and up.

As an example of how many items there are, on the page with this item (pg 152) there are five other items (a total of six items) even though the upper left quarter of the page has an image of this cloak on an Tiefling. On the other page (with no image) there are eight items listed.

Here’s another one that some of my evil players will like:

Skeletal Armor

Encased in bones, the wearer of this armor presents a terrible image of an undead creature, gaining similiar resistances and making any undead hesitant to attack.

(Level and modifier stuffs…)

Armor: Chain, Plate, Scale

Enhancement: AC

Property: Resist 10 necrotic. (increases based on item level)

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Close burst 5; targets undead; the attack is this item’s level + enhancement bonus vs. Will; the target cannot attack you (save ends).

Just a reminder, ‘burst 5′ means a burst of 5 squares around you. The attack is the modifier vs. the affected creatures’ Will defenses. Let’s say the item is at the low end, so level 19 and the enhancement happens to be +4… that’s a d20+23 vs. the Will of all undead within 5 squares of the user.

What’s that mean?

Well a Vampire Lord (in the MM pg 258) has a Will of 25 so he would be affected on a 2 (I can’t remember if natural 1s always fail.. probably). Vampire Spawn? Yup, they’d not be able to attack the target until they make a save. Most Wights would be affected without need for much of a roll. High end Wraiths would be more challenging, requiring a 9 (Sword Wraith with a Will of 32) or 14 (Dread Wraith with a Will of 37).

Very neat. By the way, there is a big picture of it on the page and there are four other magic armor types on that page (Skybound Armor, Slick Armor, Snakefang Armor, Solar Armor). On the facing page there are eight suits of armor defined (Soulwarding Armor, Spiritlink Armor, Stalker’s Armor, Stoneborn Armor, Stoneskin Robes, Stormlord Armor, Summoned Armor and Surge Armor).

Okay one more, it’s a weapon:

Battering Weapon

This hammer rumbles with seismic power.

(Item level and enhancement stuff…)

Weapon: Hammer

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls.

Critical: None

Power (Daily): Standard Action. Make a melee basic attack with this weapon against all enemies within a close blast 3.

The “None” for critical means there is no extra bonus if it criticals. Some other weapons get extra effects for this but not this weapon. “Blast” means you can impact an adjacent area with the effect. In this case, blast 3 means a 3×3 area adjacent to you.

Pretty cool.

I’ll take more of a look at the Forgotten Realms book later and post something about it. At a glance, there are some neat things in there; a couple of new races, a new class, new paths and so on. They advanced the timeline 100 years and had big nasty event happen (Spellplague – I don’t really follow FR so I don’t know if this is already published or not in the novels). This event has reduced the Gods in number, damaged or destroyed the weave, mixed Abeir and Toril together and returned some of the ancient empires back to the world.


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