WAR Patch 1.0.2

I’ve got to like it. Take a look here.

Here are a few highlights:

We have added a ‘Join All’ button to the scenario window which now allows players to join all scenario queues in their current tier at once.

There was an addon for this, but it made sense so Mythic made it so.

In an ongoing effort to deter players from going AFK while in scenario starting areas, we have made the following changes:

  • First, players who join a scenario and remain in their realm’s spawn area for two minutes will be automatically removed from that scenario.
  • Second, upon entering the spawn area of a scenario, players will receive a debuff that prevents them from earning renown and experience. This debuff will be removed when the player leaves the spawn area.

Smaken like… basically this means people that don’t leave the starting area get no XP or get booted. Hopefully this counts for when someone steps outside the zone area, gets killed and thengets booted back to the start area.

One worry is that people will now play long enough to hide in a safe and out of the way area. Run to a location that the others side isn’t likely to go to or explore and hide out there.

They also expanded the level gap for getting bolstered in each of the scenarios and open RVR areas. This is really good for keeping guildies and friends together. One concern I had with the tiering and chickening was that I would have to create several alts and cycle them so I could participate in the lower tiers with guildies.

Here was a hot topic on the CoW forum, but seems resolved now:

While in scenarios, players will no longer be able to select “Need” in their loot windows unless their career or race can use the item being offered. Please note: players of a lower level than required by the item are still able to roll.

Knowing the stance that some friends have on the whole NBG thing, I know some friends might not like this. They would say it seems like Mythic is stepping in like a government might and putting a law in place, but really, it doesn’t harm anyone but greedy gits who are weakening their faction by taking stuff they simply can’t use.

In a group environment, you simply kick the fellow and he can’t continue being a jackass, but in the scenarios it was another story because the loot is faction wide, not just limited to the group.

In order to deter players from spam-mailing, WAR continues to enforce a 5-second delay between sending mail messages. However, we have reduced this delay to 1 second for mails being sent to alts or guildmates.

Not a bad idea, built in trusted list for your alts and for your guildies.

Now all they need to do is build in an easier means of reporting gold farming ads and gold farming tells. I simply want to click [Report] and have it go to a CSR whether it is in chat or in the mail box. For the sake of your CSRs, parse the reported text for the offending name, check it against the reported people in the queue and don’t add another report for the same farmer. I say check it against the queue, because if a CSR accidentally mishandles the report and deletes it and you’ve put up a block against farmer names already reported, they might slip through the cracks.

CSRs are people too and people aren’t perfect. Ogres, on the otherhand, are perfeckt.

And finally:

We have fixed an issue that was preventing players from opening the main door of a captured keep which belonged to their realm.

Yay! Err… um.. I mean, RAWR!


2 thoughts on “WAR Patch 1.0.2

  1. Any word on fixing the low response time when opening mail? The mail system takes forever to open a piece of mail, collect the item in the mail and continue to the next item. I know I won’t get that time back, but can or will they fix it? That is the question.

  2. Weird… it seems IE8 loses track of me being me when I enter the comments section. 😦

    I have no idea performance for opening mail. I don’t get a lot of mail (or I forget to check it). I actually do more sending than receiving. Recently I offloaded stacks of level 15 potions to people I’ve been in scenarios with because I hit 20 and can use the level 20 potions I have. 😀

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