Election Results and Desktops…

… weren’t really all that surprising but the actual numbers, when you look at them and think about it, should raise questions about how elections work in Canada. Darin says it best over here.

End result is that we have another Conservative minority government.

I admit, I was unsure of who to vote for until I got the the voting station. I eyed the list and asked myself if how I’d feel if each of the parties were elected – I don’t tend to focus on the representative because my issues are mainly with the platforms of certain partiers.

I also admit I voted Conservative (and that representative got in) but I don’t feel a sense of “WOOOO! Conservatives won!”. It’s more of a… well, those others didn’t really win.

I’ll leave it at that and hope things work out.

So what am I talking about when it comes to desktops?

Well, there is a site I hit up when ever I feel my desktop wallpaper isn’t doing it for me. It has a ton of wallpapers – work safe ones at that – so I swap my desktop regularly. I spotted one and just had to grab it… and share it too.


Because it’s as awesome as I am.


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