Coming Out Soon…

Just curious about what games readers might be looking forward to that should be out soon.

My list is as follows:
1. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2
2. Dragon Age
3. Diablo 3

Okay so #3 might not be ‘soon’ but I think it’s something I’m looking forward to. The game play is a break from what I’ve typically been doing since it should be more of a mindless click fest.

There is a Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion coming out, but I’ve not had any luck getting back into NWN2 even though I have Mask of the Betrayer. I still have to make my way out of the starting area for that expansion.

Far Cry 2? Might be a good one. Then there is the Call of Duty (World at War) expansion… I had a blast with Call of Duty 4.


4 thoughts on “Coming Out Soon…

  1. NWN1 — hawtness in a box. Room for insane creativity on the part of players and DMs. NWN2 — crap. Buggy crap. Really hard to design adventures for buggy crap. “We didn’t think people would want to play this with other people” (I paraphrase) … WTF?

    Now, victim of too many broken enthusiasms, I wait for nothing. I’ll see what comes out and maaaaybe I’ll try it. Life’s too short to be an endlessly disappointed fangirl. 😉

    (Though a working Star Wars/SF MMO with really good crafting, ie SWG updated and polished, would be nice.)

  2. Isn’t Bioware working on a Knights of the Old Repbulic-like MMO for Lucasarts? That might be good. KOTOR was based on the d20 system that Wizards put in place.

    I enjoyed NWN2, but yeah… the toolset was a bit more complicated than the average user is ready for. Multiplayer had several issues, mainly having to carry the NPCs along with you anyway. I also had some saved games get corrupted.

    I played all the way through as a Human Paladin and into various parts with other classes. I tried to play an Evil Rogue through but got a little bored… evil just didn’t really feel evil enough.

    After posting these last two entries, I went ahead and created a Human Monk (Lawful Neutral) to play through with but I didn’t even get out of the starting area. I’m rallying the militia. I think I might skip back, make a Half-Orc Barbarian (games need to have Ogre as an option dammit) and see how far I go with that.

    I might just create it for Mask of the Betrayer and forget about trying to play through the whole game again.

    By the way, NWN2 was Obsidian. Yeah it was buggy and the AI was lacking. It’s improved a bit with patching but it’s still not super (auto-AI NPCs will run over traps).

    I was looking at some Diablo 3 videos… man, it looks sweet. I loved the Barbarian videos and the Wizard(ess) looks pretty damn cool too. I really can’t wait for that one to come out.

  3. I don’t have much 40K exposure, but I really liked the Tau in Dawn of War. Where are my ranged boys for Dawn of War II? 🙂

  4. I liked the Tau too, especially that you could go two different routes with them and it was one or the other, not both. It made them flexible and replayable.

    I don’t know what races are available int DoW2 – my WH40K exposure was limited to DoW1 hehe. I’ve seen Space Marines, Eldar, Orks and Tyranids (just the bad guys or a playable faction?). I haven’t seen Chaos, Tau, Necrons, Dark Elves, Imperial Guard or Sisters of Battle. But then I haven’t been obsessing over it either. I check out the site every once in awhile to see if there is something new.

    I am a bit worried that they’ve changed resource gathering, but that’s only a minor concern. 🙂

    UPDATE: I took a look at a recent gameplay video that they released to the community, it sounds like they’re moving more towards the Company of Heroes style of capturing points that give you things like the ability to reinforce a squad. You no longer seem to create squads or units from building like a typical RTS.

    I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    “OMG! It’s change! Run!”
    “But hey, wasn’t that what you were asking for? You’re bored right? Games are the same old same old…”

    They’ve added more details to the squad leaders, making it so they don’t die, but you need to rescue them. They also get levels, war gear and specializations. Cover plays a bigger role (Company of Heroes again).

    I should check up on it more since there seems to be more information available now.

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