Do My Job For Me…

Okay, not my real job but my job as DM.

The recently dead player will be coming into the game by magicial means and he’ll be bringing with him a magical banner (thank you WAR and 4e Vault of Items). What I want people to do is design the banner effects.

The banner is from a long lost Dragonmarked House which possessed the Mark of Death (yes, I went there). This House’s abilities focus on Death and Undeath. I’m torn about what I want to make it do…

Fill in some blanks for me by using some of the spells listed here.

When carried it creates an effect on allies around it as per a _____________(a) spell. This is a constant effect. When it is carried by someone that possesses the Mark of Death (requires Least Dragonmark or better), it also creates an effect of _____________(b).

When it is planted, as a standard action, it creates an effect of _____________(c) for as long as it remains planted. If planted by someone with a Mark of Death, _____________(d) also comes into effect. It takes an standard action to pull up the banner.

While planted, someone with the Mark of Death can also call forth _____________(e) once per day by expending a use of the Mark (requires Least Dragonmark or better) – they must be within touch range of the banner. Once per week they can expend the use of their Mark (requires Lesser Dragonmark or better) to create _____________(f).

If the banner is destroyed, a _____________(g) is unleashed on all those within range.

Here’s an example:

(a) Bless, (b) Desecrate, (c) Prayer, (d) Unhallow, (e) Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass, (f) Animate Dead, (g) Wail of the Banshee which was about what I was looking at…

Submissions end by Wednesday. No prize for winners… did you honestly think I’d have a prize when I’m too lazy to do this bit of design work for myself?


2 thoughts on “Do My Job For Me…

  1. (a) Bless
    (b) Prayer
    (c) Remove Fear (60′ radius emanation, targets specified by planter)
    (d) Sanctuary (affecting the planter and his allies)
    (e) Forbiddance (as long as the banner remains planted vice “permanent”)
    (f) Circle of Death (CL ??, user specifies the targets per the spell description for range/area)
    (g) Horrid Wilting (CL 20?)

  2. So one of Darin’s favorite names, one of his favorite blog sites and his email address…. hmmmm…

    Yeah those are interesting ideas.

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