I Hate Heroes…

There is this Canadian comedy show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes. That’s literally the case for Heroes, the TV show. In a one hour time slot it feels like there are only 22 minutes of show. It seems to follow a pattern of two bits of the show then about five or six commercials. It’s really frustrating.



5 thoughts on “I Hate Heroes…

  1. Just as well the show is no good then. 😉

    I do love stirring the pot. Actually I do think Heroes is rather bad, but it’s my mileage. Clearly lots of people love it. I just see what it *could* be and isn’t… as well-written as “My Own Worst Enemy” which just started, or as sharp as “Lost.”

    Wouldn’t life (and blogging) be boring if we all agreed all the time 😀

  2. Ah stupid staircase mind (where you remember what you meant to say when you’re on the staircase leaving the building) — commercials are awful. Worth getting a DVR for that single, glorious reason: they’re still there, but you can at least skip though them.

    Apols for the comment-spam; it’s past my bedtime.

  3. Yes I’ve got a DVR and HD TV going. I had it recording while I was out for a wings night with the guys. I came back, watched “Chuck” (I can’t stop laughing at that show) then started watching “Heroes” right after. Even with the DVR it’s a pain to have a bunch of bits then three times as many commercials.

    I do like “Heroes”, but then I like stories that are convoluted and need to be pieced together. I’m a comic book geek at heart. I’ve collected most of the latest Marvel movies, even the bad ones because I’m a fan of the imagination.

    I then watched “My Own Worst Enemy”, which is pretty neat despite not being a big Christian Slater fan. The Hummingbird… I’m going to have to Google that one.

    Monday nights are good TV nights. I’ve also been following “Life” (Friday’s now?) and “House”. The character of House just cracks me up so much. He’s such a prick.

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