I’m Poor…

I just dropped over 1k on Jiujitsu lessons for the Little Ogres. Fortunately, that covers 6 months for both of them and it does include a discount.

Okay, so I’m not really poor, it’s just a fair bit of money to drop on the kids when we’re not sure how they’re going to behave. You see, they’ve both done some sports activites before with varied success.

The Big Little Ogre was in Soccer and did really well, but he wanted to try Gymnastics out so we let him try that when Soccer was done. He enjoyed the first term of lessons but when he went back for the next term he was doing all the same stuff for being in the same age group. That didn’t sit well with him so he started flopping around and being a little pain in the ass. Not to the point of being a detriment to the class, but he wasn’t trying and I could see that. We put him back into Soccer but he’s not really enjoying it.

The Little Little Ogre was in Gymnastics, but it was a parent and child class. He did okay, but didn’t really last the whole class. We put him in Soccer and he seems to like it up until it’s time for the scrimmage. He just turned three in September and he doesn’t understand that he has to run and chase the ball.

Oh they both did swimming lessons, but we found they weren’t doing well in those because of the lack of one on one attention. The ‘teacher’ (really, I swear some of them were 13) would be responsible for 5-6 kids in the water and be trying to teach them things like floating, holding their breath, ducking under water. They’d wait to work on the things they needed to do to ‘pass’ in the last two courses or so which just about ensures most kids fail. We found they both did a lot better with us showing them how to swim than some poor teenager who is just doing a job.

So we figured we’d let them try martial arts out. It worked for me and hopefully it will keep them interested, active and having some fun.

2 thoughts on “I’m Poor…

  1. Hehe just buying them gis would have been cheaper. They start tomorrow on at 5:30 to 6:15. I’m not sure if I can make it or not. It’ll depend on how the course at work goes…

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