Nuclear Explosion Incoming…

… because I picked up Fallout 3. I’m eagerly awaiting my time with it after I watched a few of the narrated gameplay videos.

I ended up getting the lunchbox version (collector’s edition) simply because it didn’t look like they had a regular PC version.

I won’t touch a console version of a shooter game… it just feels wrong playing without a mouse and keyboard. Opinions will be coming sometime this week.

2 thoughts on “Nuclear Explosion Incoming…

  1. I have no idea. šŸ˜ I’d have to check tomorrow night if I got time.

    There is a CD key, but that seems to only apply to the LIVE stuff – Games For Windows/XBOX thing? Never touched it. I didn’t have to activate or anything like that. I wasn’t prompted to block or allow the game access to the internet.

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