Two Years Ago…

I started blogging. (EDIT: Okay, I had this queued up then forgot to post it on the 25th which was actually the two year marker…)

It wasn’t to change the world, make a point or any sort of lofty goal, it was simply for somewhere to get some thoughts out of my head. Originally, it was supposed to be an unfiltered brain dump – which likely would have offended many – but I didn’t feel that really represented me well. Instead it became a place to dump other thoughts or complain. Really, that’s what a lot of this is… complaining or venting or ranting.

Oh, an example of an unfiltered brain dump?

I was on the bus the other day when I could hear someone’s music playing.. over top of my own. I looked around to see who was blasting their music and the only person with headphones on was a blind guy.

My first thought?

“Wow, he’s fucked.”

Why? Well, he’s blind and soon to be deaf too.

That one is more on the light side of things. The truth is, I’m not in a position to ‘brain dump’ stuff when I get the good ones. By the time I get home or to a computer, I get dazzled by the latest game icon and end up clicking that instead.

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