I Survived Fallout 3…

I managed to get it installed and I played it for about two hours. I probably wouldn’t have stopped but I died in game and turned to check the clock.

How did I die if I’m so awesome? Well, a guy with a flame thrower really messed me up and I backed into a hole that was in the overpass I was standing on.

Falling damage is in.

Like I said, I only got to play for about two hours so I haven’t gotten very far. What I’ve seen so far was a lot like Oblivion in the sense of graphics and interactions. Dialog trees are there as is voice acting – really, this should be a staple now – including some voice acting by one of my favorite actors, Liam Neeson who plays your dad.

The character creation has a built in tutorial for moving around and using some of the combat features. You start off being born where you pick your gender. You then pick your ‘future’ appearence by viewing a device that generates an image of what you will look like based on your genetic make up. Your mother then dies and you’re carted away.

Light/glow transition to one year later. You learn to walk, interact with things, pick up things and even pick your stats by using a book that is on the floor. The book explains your attributes page by page and allows you to spend points on each page. At the end of the book, there is a complete list of the attributes where you can finish making adjustments.

This isn’t like Oblivion. Some of the stats sound the same, but the scale is smaller. I don’t believe they’re tied to skill caps. Honestly, I suspect this system would be familiar to Fallout 1 and 2 players, which I am not (unfortunately).

You then follow your dad out of the room and down to a halle.

Light/glow transition and you’re now nine (I think it is?  maybe 10.. cut me some slack, I played it once for two hours!) and it’s your birthday. First thing you’re given is your Pip-boy 3000. It’s a computer device that sits on your arm. This is your access to everything. Press TAB to view it or press and hold TAB to have it turn on a light for you. You can pick Apparel, Data, Misc and a few other options which all have their own options as well.

This is the stage where you fiddle with that. You also go around the room collecting things from people for your birthday. You also get to know some of the characters that live in Vault 101. Your dad’s gift is the best. He takes you down to the reactor level (where Jonas is waiting for you – he helped make the gift) and you dad gives you a BB gun (rifle).

Yup, this is where you learn to equip things and do some shooting. There are some practice targets and even a Radroach appears for you to kill. They got into the VATS system and given a quick explaination of how that works. It’s kind of neat.

A bit more on the game’s underlying system being different from Oblivion. You do not gain skills by using them so you also do not gain levels by raising a bunch of your primary skills. You do pick skills (later) and get to pick a Perk (think Feats from D&D or KOTOR; they give you bonuses to certain things) and you can increase them by points when you level. You level by gaining XP. So far, I’ve seen XP mainly from killing stuff but I suspect it comes from completing objectives/missions/quests and for discovering areas.

Back to character creation… you get another light/glow transition after you’re done messing around with the BB gun – this zips you up to age 16, I think. You’re now in your dad’s office (he’s a doctor) and trying to fake being sick to avoid a test: G.O.A.T. I can’t remember what it is, but it’s a series of multiple choice questions that direct you towards a ‘profession’. I’m not sure if this is really a class or just a matter of preset skill primaries. I ended up with “Chaplain” and was presented with the skill lists where I could reassign the primaries (they tend to be in rank 30 instead of 15ish like the others).

Oh, I also didn’t RTFM… sue me. Most games can be played without reading it. I barely had enough quiet time to install the game let alone read something. I think I’ll restart when I get a chance. I’ll probably go with Repair, Light Pistols and maybe Speech or Science. I went with Melee, Big Guns and I can’t remember the last item. Repair seems pretty important because most things you find are in rough shape and, like in Oblivion, the more damaged the item, the less effective it is (i.e. damage rating goes down, armor rating goes down, value goes down and the cost to fix it goes up).

Once that is all done, you get another light/glow transition and I think you’re now 19. Your dad has left the Vault and the guy in charge has lost his mind. He killed Jonas who helped your dad and now he’s looking for you. His daughter warns you and gives you gun which she suggests you don’t use unless necessary.

It’s a gun in a game… it’s ALWAYS necessary.

I collect a few things nearby and step out into the hall. It seems the radroaches have been breeding over the years and they’ve come out to attack. You squish some of these on the way out. There are a bunch of other things you can do and you witness but I’m not going to completely spoil it for you.

Let me tell you that it is quite neat when you do get outside.

I explored the nearby buildings, made some cash, went to Megaton, talked to people there, found a hireling that I was too good for him to follow – he says as much and there is an on screen note saying that my karma was too high for him to follow me. I picked up a few missions and advanced the one where I’m looking for my father.

Some neat information comes out and I really found myself immersed. One thing really struck a chord with me. Is my guy really naive and was he brainwashed by people in the vault? It’s something they comes up soon and leaves you wondering if it’s true of if the guy is just saying it to manipulate you.

I ventured out and explored a little. I discovered some Raiders set up camp in a nearby (ruined) school. There were some more up on the overpass you see to the north and west when you come out of the vault (that’s to your left) and that’s where I plummeted to my death.

There are a few things I didn’t touch on, like ‘Rads’ which is a rating of how much radiation you’ve been exposed to. If it gets too high you will die and most things seem to have ‘Rads’ attached, even food and water which you need to use to get HPs back. I’m not sure if resting reduces ‘Rads’ or not, I didn’t rest in game heh.

The VATS system seems neat, it appears to take cover into account so be careful using it when the enemy has cover. I’m not sure if it works with melee weapons, I honestly didn’t think to try it since I thought it was aimed at ranged weapons. It works by pausing the game and giving you a look at your target (you can switch to a different target) divided up into sections (like torso, head, legs, arm, and other parts for non-humanoids) with percentages showing how easy it is to hit them there. You then spend action points to fire at specific areas. I believe the costs are less for the places that are easier to hit but I’m not sure. You can click on the same place several times or different spots. It’s a neat system.

Firing weapons feels like a FPS for targeting but actually being a RPG, you don’t always hit the mark since it is skill based. It’s going to take a bit to get used to.

Very cool game so far.

4 thoughts on “I Survived Fallout 3…

  1. I called it a night right after I left the vault. Can’t wait for work to end to get back in.

    What did you do with Butch? I got him to take care of his business, then shot him.

  2. I played nice so I helped him and saved his mother. He gave me his Tunnel Snake jacket. I probably should have shot him for that.

    I ended up killing the Overseer though. I popped in while he was interrogating his daughter, shot the security guard and shot him too. She wasn’t happy about it but I figure the place is better off without a crazy nut job for an Overseer. I wonder if that will come into play next time?

  3. Yea, I killed the Overseer too. Guy was a nut and had it coming.

    I never did forgive Dutch for being an ass at my birthday party.

  4. I admit, I was tempted to say screw him or wondered if he was working with the Overseer in a way to capture me. In the end, I did the nice thing and saved his mom.


    No, it’s only because they prevented me from attacking him earlier that he was still around… I figured his mom was probably nice to me.

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