Something To It…

Darren is doing an “I told you so” indirectly, because it was more Brent telling us so… which he does link to. I do admit, he did post shortly after that he did feel that WAR wasn’t the next MMO messiah but I can’t find that so no linking to it.

Regardless, there was a comment in that post that is likely truer than more people realize or want to admit. Wanna play spot the comment?

Oops, did I do that?

And no, I’m not agreeing that Darren is a “fairy princess”…

My subscription to WAR runs out on the 14th… it had some really fun moments, CoW folks were great but after some of my posts I got thinking and RVR that few (enemy) people get involved in doesn’t really justify me spending time leveling up a character through content I’m not really enjoying. I’m probably better off playing a FPS.

I’m currently playing Fallout 3, I’ll likely pick up Mass Effect when I’m done with that and I do have a subscription going to WoW again (as a mangina Undead Mage named Msdemeanor) since I have some real life friends in the area that are playing on Firetree server. I also have a Hunter on there that I’m working up slowly and checking out some of the Hunter/pet changes.

I haven’t logged into WoW since Tuesday when I got Fallout 3 which might be saying something about Zubon’s comment.

10 thoughts on “Something To It…

  1. Yeah… I still don’t understand part of the blogosphere. If I don’t like something, I don’t like something — I don’t campaign for everyone else to hate it too. I play what I like, when I like. Again, why is it so important that people march to the same drum?

    Then again, RL is like that too. I guess the desire to be a trend-setter exists everywhere. My personal trend is to buck trends wherever possible. 😛

  2. And by having making an effort to buck trends, you fall in with all the others with the same trend of bucking trends. It’s unavoidable 😛

    Some of it is people just trying to ‘be right’ or have the ‘right opinion’. Other parts of it is simply bored banter back and forth like I do with Scott from Pumping Irony. Others still believe there is a ‘winning’ side when it comes to discussion over opinions.

    End result is the same. People like and dislike what they do and will act accordingly.

    I’m honestly seeing a pattern with myself. It reminds me of when I was starting to lose interest in FPS. I was drawing a lot of lines between the games, the gameplay got to be comfortable, lack challenge and felt the same from game to game.

    I still play the odd FPS but not for any serious length (the last one being Call of Duty 4 and Half-life 2 before that – both of which I creamed in a couple of days). Unfortunately, that’s something that is difficult to do with the MMO genre. You have to subscribe and work your way into the game over a longer length of time.

  3. Hence my clearly not ironic enough 😛 at the end. 😉 I swear, we need /irony tags! Maybe the Net 3.0 will offer what we need.

    Of course we all compare and have opinions, and since we blog, of course we express said opinions. It’s a little disingenuous to claim we don’t care who reads it and whether they agree — we may not care *much* but if we didn’t care at all, we wouldn’t be writing. To whatever tiny degree, all public writing hopes for an audience.

    As for the hyperbole (love it! hate it! wouldn’t want to date it!), it’s part of expressing opinions. Stuff is way less entertaining if it’s not a little exaggerated, and most of us are trying to entertain, after all.

    I’m still puzzled as to why stuff Darren, Brent, Tobold or anyone else writes should cause such hateful reactions. People can say what they like and we’re free to disagree, but some of the hate that gets spewed? *That* is disturbing.

  4. “I’m still puzzled as to why stuff Darren, Brent, Tobold or anyone else writes should cause such hateful reactions.”

    People get emotional over someone else talking negatively about something you’re excited about, like or thing they like. Especially when you either don’t agree or can’t see why it is they’re unexcited about it. Then there are the odd occassions where the person simply is misinformed or is making incorrect assumptions. I’m not saying that’s the case with Tobold, Darren or Brent.

    Another reason is that people are passionate about their hobbies, what ever they are. You should hear some of the ‘discussions’ about opinions on the local NHL hockey team I go through at lunch. Real gems that turn into debates if you go near the ‘sacred cows’ of people.

    And yes, I’m the guy that goes there inciting fires…

  5. I understand it intellectually — I just don’t understand it as a human being. There’s debate, and then there’s being an asshat. Passionate does not preclude courteous, just as it doesn’t preclude trying to string together coherent sentences. And again… telling someone they’re misinformed is one thing — telling them they’re a douchebag and should go play in traffic… I guess maybe it’s a guy thing. All it does for me, not being a guy, is make me instantly brain-ignore whoever is doing the insulting.

    However, I am clearly not winning the Clarity of Expression title today, so I had better stop commenting. 😀

  6. Are you sure?

    Incoming ROS:

    Maybe I’m dragging it out because I’m stuck here at work doing an extra task for another team that isn’t related to the product I’m supposed to be working on which I was volunteered for by my manager who is actually supposed to be on vacation today and all the servers I need are down because we’re trying to preserve energy this weekend (or something like that) so I have to pull large files from San Jose while I’m all the way over here in Ottawa and what I really should be doing is getting my ass home so I can take the kids out trick-or-treating for Halloween!

    Actually, being courteous requires a real conscious decision to not go with your first thought (smash, kick, shove that person into traffic). That requires reason and reason takes a back seat when the emotions are flying which they are when someone is saying something you really don’t like or agree with. Since you can’t really manifest these things over the internet, people type them.

    And it isn’t just a guy thing, women just tend to have less overt means of displaying that sort of reaction if it is something that effects them. I believe it usually involves taking it out on their spouse or crushing someone socially. :p

    In a sense, if you aren’t reacting this way, you’re not being human but you’re being civilized… which is, effectively, denying what you are. 🙂

    Hey… where’d everyone go?

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