Copying Hudson…

… so I’ll copy Hudson a little and ask people to pick a class for me to play in WoW which will be a reserved character that I’ll play only at set times when a friend (Chris) is online. The character will only be played when said friend is on. I don’t have a fancy poll so go ahead and post a comment suggesting a class if you want.

My friend is going to be playing a Blood Elf Mage – he really likes the Mage class- and we will be playing on Firetree (PVP) server. I’m a bit torn on the logic of pairing with a Mage but I’m considering the following classes:

  • Warlock – It is pretty powerful and has some utility as well as a pet that can tank. It’s also a class I haven’t played a lot of so it could be refreshing. Downside is that we wouldn’t really have any heals in the group if things went south and we would be sharing loot drops with both of us being cloth wearers.
  • Paladin – Can tank and heal which could be good for doing instances or questing and fending off random PVP people. I haven’t played one beyond level 20 so it would be a change. The class also looks for different loot from the Mage and can wear plate. Downside is that Blood Elves don’t look as impressive in plate armor as other races do.
  • Shaman – Can take a beating, heal well and has quite a different play style with the totems. It uses different loot and has some travel modes built in. It could be fun and as a healer type, it can be worthwhile in groups. Downside is that I’d have to move the character to the BE starting area and I’ve tried playing one a few times and got a little bored of it. I don’t know how they handle threat generation either so it might not really be able to ‘tank’.
  • Druid – This was added to the list this morning. Originally, it wasn’t something I was looking at playing because I tried it before and wasn’t too keen on it. Still, it’s a versatile class that has a lot of potential and can be quite flexible. I like that. It might also be a bit of a challenge to play since it’s pretty foreign to me. Loot types are different so that’s good. I know they do get taunting abilities which would be good. I’m starting to lean this way, though the downside is that I have to be Tauren (I love minotaurs, don’t get me wrong) and I’d have to move to the Blood Elf starting area. A level 1 run to Ogrimmar could be fun. I’m also not sure if there are any Druid trainers in the BE area or even in the UC area… that could be a huge PITA.

I didn’t list:

  • Warrior – A little too melee focused and limited for my liking, especially pair with a Mage. I figure why bother with a Warrior when I can get most of it as a Paladin and heals to boot.
  • Rogue – It might be cool to do with a Mage, but we’d both be sorta squishy and I think having a sneaky type would either leave my Mage friend looking like an easy target (if I stealth about) or it might make me an easy target (if I don’t stealth). I also want to have a class that makes joining a group or filling a group easier. I understand Rogues have a degree of CC to them, but ultimately, they’re DPS…
  • Mage – I already have one on that server which I’ll play in off times and I don’t want to compete for loot with my friend. He can have it.
  • Hunter – I have one which I might use in off times for farming and I’ve played several already to higher levels (20, 30, 50 and 70).
  • Priest – I played one to high 30s and it really didn’t do a lot for me. I think I’d much rather the extra gameplay added to a Druid, Paladin or Shaman. By ‘extra’ I mean, gameplay I haven’t done before in other games.

Help me decide!

(I think I might actually go Druid… maybe we can move to Kalimdor after doing the Blood Elf area.)


3 thoughts on “Copying Hudson…

  1. Hmmm on a PVP server a Pally would be pretty sweet and it is one of the most popular Arena combos.

    I think Blood Elf pallies at high levels look PIMP. And you go Prot and AOE grind WITH the mage, pulling over 8-10 mobs at once.

  2. If your friend is going mage, I would have said pally without reservations… until patch 3.2. Now either pally or druid works fine. For mad levels, AOE farming with a tank and mage is a beautiful thing. I’d still lean toward pally all things being equal, but personally, I hate playing belfs, so I’d go with the cow.


  3. I’ll look at the results sometime this weekend or whenever it is my friend is going to start playing WoW again. So far it looks like 1.5 for Pally and 0.5 for Druid.

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