I had no idea that Blizzard lifted the restriction of transfering characters from a PVE server to a PVP server. Either way, Smaken is now on Firetree with my upcoming Paladin, Rhaasek (who will start being played tonight).

Smaken will likely end up being a bit of a farmer for my Paladin (enchanting materials) and Mage (inscription materials). He’s currently got his Skinning maxed and is getting up there with Leatherworking, but I’m going to ditch them for Herbalism and Enchanting. I figure if I’m caught up with the Pally, I can farm stuff with Smaken.

Chris can only play on weekends because of a wicked commute he has to work. That means Friday nights, most of Saturday and some of Sunday will be dedicated to the Paladin. Or rather, I might be playing the Paladin in those times. I might play him in some of the off times if Chris ends up playing a little more than I’m able to on the weekends just to keep up.

Hmm… I might have to go get some more addons that are more specific to Paladins… any advice out there?

I took a look at a talent spec for Protection, but I’ve read I shouldn’t bother with that until about 30th and just got Retribution instead. I don’t suspect I’ll solo much so I might still go Protection but start with some Holy talents to reduce interruptions and increase healing for now. I won’t need to do damage since I’ll have the Mage there.


2 thoughts on “interesting…

  1. Naw it got caught up waiting for approval. Yeah, I saw that one.. I’ll give it a look tonight. 🙂

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