Paladin it is…

Rhaasek is born. Smaken is transferred. Celejanni is actually Chris.

I’ve been using Smaken to bankroll Rhaasek a little so now Smaken is poor. I had him out and farming a bit lately. I also took him into Un’Goro (twice) to pick up some pets. He’s got a big, stomping sound making Devilsaur pet (unnamed) that seems to do disgusting damage. I also picked up a Silithid pet (unnamed). I then headed over to Ashara to pick up a Chimera pet (Sean). I still have my trusty Cat pet (Hayden) which was actually raised up from level 23 to 70 – no instant boost to five levels under my own for that pet. Unfortunately, he’s not going to be unique for long. It seems there is another black cat coming in WotLK.

Even though they increased the stable to four slots, meaning I can have five pets, I need to pick carefully. I went with the Chimera to replace the Wind Serpent – a ranged caster pet. I picked up the Silithid on a whim and like that one of the talent abilities lets it eat a corpse to get happiness. The Devilsaur is also a fun pet that didn’t really replace anything – it’s got some pretty wicked DPS.

Several of the DPS class pets have some % chance to gain happiness talent abilities. They seem to have pretty different trees. I suspect the exotic pets have a different one from the class they fall under, if not somewhat slightly.

I still need to pick up a tank pet to replace Tyler that was a Scorpid. I think I’ll grab one from the zone with the gate to Outlands because I like the red and black Scorpid look. I debated grabbing a Bear but the Swipe ability that hits 3 targets at one time might be bad for CC folks. The Scorpid also gets to stack poison which I hear is really annoying in PVP.

Oh, and I want a Core Hound. I might have to head to Azuremyst Isle for that though and I’ll have to replace one of my pets.

  • Hayden – Cat
  • Sean – Chimera
  • Tyler – Scorpid
  • ?? – Core Hound
  • ?? – ??

Who do I keep? The Devilsaur or the Silithid? The Silithid is no maintenance but Devilsaur makes a big stompy sound. They fall under Ferocity (DPS) and Cunning (mix?) classes which I already have one of each.

Decisions, decisions…

EDIT: Oh, and I’m an idiot for dropping Skinning and Leatherworking from Smaken. I had Skinning maxed and Leatherworking was nearing the final tier when I decided he’d be better off with Enchanting and Herbalism to help him with the farming. Duh. I restarted both of them… that’s going to hurt.


2 thoughts on “Paladin it is…

  1. I tamed a real core hound out of Molten Core this weekend (with the aid of a well-meaning but frequently incompetent druid guildie), because I like the actual red lava look the best. Even at 65 I was amazed at how fast it tore through enemies. He’s now 67 (I had very little time to level him after he was tamed), and he goes through lvl 70 demons in Netherstorm in about 5 seconds. I can’t think of anything tougher to sic him on for leveling, so Netherstorm it’ll be.

    If you want to try something a little different for one of your pets, skip Cobra Reflexes and grab Spider’s Bite instead. I noticed a pretty good boost in DPS from the extra crits, and all the crit-related abilities like Frenzy and Ferocious Inspiration kept popping right away. I still think Cobra Reflexes is the better choice for PVP, but the bigger hits and crits I was getting with Spider’s Bite, Frenzy, and Rabid were awfully nice!

  2. I tend to go for both, truth be told. I generally grab Cobra Reflexes, Spiked Collar and Spider’s Bite if they’re available. I then get some defensive abilities like Avoidance though I like the abilities that regen mana or increase attack power… Oooh, then there are the ones where they do more damage if the enemy is under 35%. Damage, damage, damage.

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