Hunters are OP…

I was sneaking off to Auberdine port (Alliance – enemy territory for those of you that don’t play WoW) when I noticed a Humanoid blip on my radar. I was tracking humanoids to avoid trouble – I may be level 70, but I’m not geared like people on this server are.

Anyway, I see this blip on the radar and it’s gaining on me. I swerve and it follows. I reverse the camera and take a look. Level 70 Paladin.


I figure, even level, he’s got heals, looks to have glowy armor and he’s got a mount that is faster than mine. But I’ve got awesomeness on my side.

What did I do?

I swerved along the beach slowing him down with fallen trees then stopped behind one as he went by on the other side. I then circled around and put the tree between us, effectively disappearing. He paused for a second so I took that opportunity to get up over a hill and out of sight.

There is only so far awesomeness can get you, sometimes you have to refocus that awesomenessity on getting away unscathed and dazzling the slow of wit by disappearing. I camped out on the other side of Auberdine, away from traffic so I should be good to go when I pop back in.

Now, I’m not there to gank the quest dispensers or guards, I just want to get on a boat, head to Azuremyst and get me a Core Hound pet. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to do this on peak hours so I’ll likely ninja over there tomorrow morning sometime. The plan is to dismiss the Silithid (not abandon, just dismiss in case), train to the docks (or boat) and Feign Death. That should get me there with a minimal number of “Auberdine is under attack!” warnings.

If not, I guess I’ll have to slaughter some guards.

This probably would have been easier with guild members helping me out but I can’t seem to find any of my friend’s guild online when I’m on. I’m starting to think they’re either small and ultra casual or they are trying some other game out.

Maybe it’s time to start looking for a guild…

(Paladin is up to 19th, I’ve got a couple of quests left before I am done in Ghostlands so I’m trying to hold off on playing him.)

UPDATE: (November 12th, 6:26am) I’ve got a brand new, two-headed dog for a pet now. Unfortunately, no Night Elves or Draenai were harmed in the retrieving of this pet.

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