Thanks TAGN…

I saw The Ancient Gaming Noob‘s little write up on Northrend and it answered one of the questions that was nagging me.

Will my gear become obsolete when I get Wrath of the Lich King?

The equipment upgrades were, as expected, significant for non-raiders like ourselves.  Blue socketed Outlands gear was quickly replaced by green quest rewards.

So the answer, for me, is “yes”.

That’s not entirely a bad thing for me because most of my gear is unsocketed or green (laugh all you want, but I can still kick ass and have defeated folks geared up in Arena purples). It means I don’t have to farm any reputation or instances to get some upgrades in TBC, I can hop right into WotLK content and start advancing.

I do realize that I could end up level 80 pretty quickly and I will then start having to grind things, but for now, the random drop stuff will be good enough.

Maybe during the week off I’ll find a guild to join and advance Smaken from there in the off playing times…


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