iPod Touch and a Three Year Old…

I think I posted about this before, but the iPod Touch (or iPhone) is designed for usability. It’s so easy to use, my three year old was playing around with it yesterday. He likes fiddling with the calculator that is on it. I haven’t paid for the update that lets you use the appstore yet, it’s a survival mechanism. I think I’d go broke downloading apps and stuff if I enabled that.

Apple, you’re doing a disservice to the people writing the apps by making the update require purchasing it. But you’re doing me a favor. Thanks, I guess.

Oh, note to self, always check the music volume after the Littlest Ogre plays around with the iPod. I pulled it out, plugged in the earphones, turned it on and kicked off the random shuffle for all the songs on there only to discover he had set the volume to full. I didn’t think you could play music without earphones (or some other device) plugged into it?


2 thoughts on “iPod Touch and a Three Year Old…

  1. What’s that? Three year olds? Or having to buy an update to enable the app store?

    It was a free gift for a product release – who am I to complain. I also don’t have any issues with my cell phone… of course, I don’t have one (or want one) so that should go without saying (but, yes, I’m saying it anyways).

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