Earlier today I popped into WoW with my Pally on Firetree. I started the morning at about 32nd and ended just before noon being level 34 and almost half way through.

What’s the big deal?

Well, my Mage buddy and I duoed our way through Scarlet Monestary’s Library and killed Arcanist Doan (or what ever his name was). We had a few rough attempts at getting to him due to me mishandling the monks (they’re rough when you have three of them chain interrupting you and slapping a six second cooldown on all your abilities!) but we sorted it out, got revenge and cleared the whole way to Doan.

Then we spanked him on the first try.

Even with all the Silence crap he throws, even with the big AE nukes and even with him Polymorphing Chris into a Sheep. Down he went.

We got our keys and Chris walked away with the robes and the staff. I think we’re going to visit him again – maybe tomorrow to see if we can get his shoulder item and maybe the rare purple ring that drops. This time we’ll have our level 34 abilities too. We hit 34 right near defeating him so we didn’t have a chance to train.

It was pretty exciting. I haven’t had that sort of holy-shit, hang on for dear life kind of excitement in a MMO in a long time.

Maybe we’re a little OP… just a little…


2 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. Come join the rest of the CoW’s over on Rexxar. We started a bunch of Alliance toons and are having a blast playing together. There is always room for one more.

  2. I’m already there as Fabinusar. I’ll play Fab on the off times and during the week.

    I find that when I play the Priest (Fabinusar), I really miss the Paladin. ><

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