Little Ogres 1, Christmas Tree 0…

I had a decent weekend. I got some WoW time in on Friday night, some on Saturday and Sunday morning. Oh and Sunday afternoon too since the Big Little Ogre was at a birthday party and the Little Little Ogre was napping while Mrs. Ogre was puttering about doing errands.

The Bomb Squad

I got Rhaasek up to 37 so I’ve trained the last tier of Enchanting and he’s getting there with Herbalism. Three more levels and I’ll be able to kit him out in Plate armor. I’m going to miss some of the Mail armor I’ve got – okay, not really. This will be my first character to actually get into Plate armor by coming up through the ranks. Rhaasik has Plate armor, but I view that as cheating rather than achieving.

After clearing out a bunch of quests in Arathi Highlands, we moved back to SM-Library and cleared through it again for a quest that Chris had (Mage related). We got through without a hitch this time and clobbered Doan at the end again. As should be expected when we’re a couple of levels higher and have our level 36 abilities.

Casualties of War

I managed squeeze in some odd play times to get Fabinusar, on Rexxar, up a couple of levels to 14th. Man that was rough. It’s quite a shift in mentality going from a Paladin to a Priest. I think I died about five times last night. Some of it was due to bad spawn timing, over agro with no real escape mechanism (hey there were five orange mobs on me…). I’ll have some more survivability soon when I get more levels and access to more abilities. I just got my PBAE Fear (up to two targets) which should help.

I was tempted to switch to either a Druid or a Mage. I’ve enjoyed Mages in the past but I don’t know that I want to level another one through the early stuff and Priests are useful for healing. Druids, on the other hand, solo well and can be decent healers too.

In the end, I decided to stick it out with the Priest. I figure, I’m one of the few masochists in the guild so I might as well continue the punishment. Really, it’s not too bad. I just have to find the pattern for it again and I will spec Shadow this time. I’m actually tempted to switch the other two points over from the healing interuption talents. I don’t know that I want to pay the one gold piece price though. Maybe, I do have the coin.

I’ll see.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!
O how well you tumble and crash,
When Little Ogres shove each other into thee!

Yup, true story. The Little Ogres were rough housing near the tree while I was trying to make lunch. I heard the rustle of the tree then a crash as it toppled.

In all my years as a kid, I’ve see a Christmas tree topple once and that was when one of our dogs (when I was a kid) slipped into it. That was when we didn’t have the shatter-proof ornaments too. That was quite the mess.


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