Looking at 4e Again…

I took a bit of time last night after watching House (love that show, he’s an Honorary Ogre) and went over my old post where I created a Ranger character in 4e. I took some more looks at different things and they make a lot of sense.

I grabbed a PDF fillable, 4e character sheet from somewhere and filled that ranger character into it. I then added comments to the PDF for each section explaining things. I actually meant to host it and make it available for people but I haven’t had a chance yet.

I’ll likely do the same with a Cleric character. I was looking at that class a little more because I was unsure how they worked. Some people will be happy that they’re not simply walking bandaids, they get to use other abilities and some of those abilities are attacks that can trigger heals or buffs. The same people might be unhappy that they don’t really have ‘spells’ anymore.

But I’m not one of them. In place of spells they get a few extra class abilities and they also gain access to some Rituals, right off the bat.

The more I type, the more I think I’ll do a Cleric next. Any one want to pick a race for it? Elf, Eladrin (High Elf), Half-Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, Dragonborn or Tiefling? I could probably whip up one of the other races from the MM (like Gnome, Orc and so on).

I think one of the biggest things that makes 4e balanced, is that every class gets to do about the same amount per round. It seems like the days of trying to read the wording of a spell to determine how it is handled is gone. It’s all clear cut and straight forward now. There appears to be less of it, but that might just be on the surface.

After I create a Cleric, I think I’ll follow up with the other classes. I think I’ll create a Wizard next to see how that goes. Really, that class seems to be the most impacted by the ‘lack of spells’. They don’t really lack spells, they’re just handled differently which is why I’m really interested in it.

What originally turned me against it, was that the group I play with wanted to do an evil campaign and I couldn’t create those types of characters easily with the materials I have. That has changed a little with the addition of the Martial Powers sourcebook. There are some pretty interesting powers and Paragon Paths in there which could be well suited towards evil types (hi2u Ravager).

Obviously, my group has already decided to stick with 3.5e and I won’t be changing that. Although, I might be more inclined to try getting an online game using the D&D Insider (once it’s ready to be used) going or maybe just pop into campaigns people might be running at that time. Maybe on the odd day where we would cancel a session, I’ll suggest playing and trying 4e instead.

I’ll see.

(As for yesterday’s post, it seems June 27th is today and it appears to be a surprise…)


2 thoughts on “Looking at 4e Again…

  1. That thought did cross my mind. Downside is that it (D&D Insider) would be yet another thing to subscribe to.

    Either way, I’m still undecided and it’ll be a ways off since I don’t think all the software (character generator, online tools, virtual table) are ready for use yet.

    Until then, I get to play around, create characters, run mock scenarios and imagine stuff. Sounds I like win 🙂

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