Canada’s Politics…

I’ve been a little quiet on the recent “Canadian Politics Crisis” mainly because I think the actual Economic Crisis is more important a topic.

There is no political crisis outside of Canada not having any decent politicians who are willing to see past thier own party agenda and who can’t see past their opportunity to cease power – no matter the cost to Canadians.

That is finger shaking at all parties.

The bottom, political, line is that Canadian’s spoke not too long ago and voted in a MINORITY Government. Each party with seats cannot form a majority on their own. What this means is that Canadians WANT all the parties with representatives to WORK TOGETHER.

I realize “working together” is not the definition of “opposition”, but right now, is not the time to oppose everything and inject political instability in with our current economic instability. RIGHT NOW, is the time to work together and table a plan for Canada. It’s time for the politicians to work together, compromise and do the right thing for all of Canada.

This is what the voters voted for. A JOINED effort led by the Conservatives, not some coalition of the even smaller parties that garnered fewer of Canada’s votes.

That isn’t democracy. That’s being opportunistic. And not by the just the Liberals as it seems to be believed. The ones that stand the most power to gain from a coalition are the NDP and the Bloc.

Stephen Dion was not elected Prime Minister for a good reason. His strength doesn’t come close to his compassion for Canadians and to be a leader you need both. Compassion without strength of conviction or strength of direction is simply naivety.

One thing I find incredibly sad about our politicians is that there is one who appears to genuinely love who he represents and holds their interests at hand.  His strength and compassion appear to be the strongest of the leaders.  Unfortunately, he only looks after Quebec. Lucky them.

The Liberal and NDP parties need to repair their image to take back the votes of people that were not Conservative at heart (like I am) and show that their focus is REALLY on Canada.

They MUST work with the Conservatives and get Canada through the upcoming difficulties. They MUST show they are a party worth voting for.

The Liberals and NDP have a choice to make.

They can choose to take the opportunity of uprooting the Conservative Government and playing figurehead to the whims of the Liberal/NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

OR they can choose that they really are for Canada and work with the ELECTED Conservative Government to focus on what is BEST FOR CANADA.

I believe they should be taking an opportunity that positively affects them in the long run.

They should announce they are respecting the will of the voters. 

They should work with the Conservatives and make it well known what part they are playing in the plan for Canada.

Emphasize their party’s additions to the plan.

Prove to Canadians you’re worth voting for again.

And I think they are starting to lean this way.

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