Is the name for my new Gnome Rogue on Rexxar. What else do you name a Gnome rogue with a pink comb-over? Well, what else do you name him that won’t get your account banned?

I got a little tired of the Priest. There is a hefty uphill battle to get to the point where you can do some decent DPS and solo effectively, so until then, you really need to group. I wasn’t having much luck with that since I’d pop on at odd times and only have short breaks, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask CoW folks to come help then have to log in 30-60 minutes. I think some of it might have been the zones I was in. I’m not a big fan of Westfall or Red Ridge but I do actually enjoy the Dwarf side of things.

So I decided I would deviate from a healing role (I sort of do that and tank with my Paladin on Firetree) and play a sneaky little bugger that people will be embarrassed to die to.

Imagine telling your guild mates the following, “Oh man, some pink haired gnome with a comb-over just killed me…”

Tee hee hee…

I’ve managed to get him up to 13th level in one sitting which really wasn’t all that long – I don’t think. Okay, so it was 6 hours. I played some before supper and then again later when the kids were in bed. I stopped around 12:30am this morning.

I also managed to get his Cooking, Skinning and Herbalism up to Journeyman. I’ve got the extra Crit bonus from Skinning and the HoT from Herbalism – that one has been a life saver, especially when combined with Evasion.

I’m having good fun. Some of it is the class and some of it is the ridiculous look. Okay, most of it is the ridiculous look.

On Firetree, I got up to 40th on Friday night after my usual play session with Chris. I was 39th and could see the Plate Armor training calling to me. I stayed up until 2am for that one.

In the morning, I played around with Smaken a bit. I got his skinning up to 300 and trained it. I’m still trying to gather components for Leatherworking though I’m really starting to think I should go Herbalism for him too. That HoT is just too sweet. I was out Saturday with the family and spent the evening with them too.

Sunday, Chris and I, got back into things. We clobbered the SM-Cathedral where Morgraine and the Priestess (who’s name eludes me) dropped the shield and a sweet mace. It was a pretty decent fight with just the two of us, even if we did actually out level those two. While fighting we got an add and switched to AE bomb mode for a bit.

It really is an amazing combo.

After that, we debated doing another run through the Cathedral but after eyeing the loot they had left to drop, Chris decided it wasn’t better than what we had. We took off to the Barrens and headed to RFD to clear out some quests we had there. We cleared that out and the Lich was kind enough to drop the plate helm.

Man, is that a sweet helm!

Taking a look at my character here, I realize that I need to train Herbalism up. I didn’t realize I had hit the cap for that tier. D’oh! Wow, I just looked through the Statistics tab… pretty sweet details there!

We’re currently hanging out in the Badlands and we’ll hit Uldaman next chance we get. I haven’t seen that whole dungeon yet and I don’t think Chris has set foot in there yet. That should be fun.


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