Liars, Unemployed, Black Mailers and Nature…

It’s been a great month.

First, we have political instability on the Hill. The minority government is not having an easy time playing nice with the other parties. The coalition gathering together to vote out the current Conservative Party sounds like it might not happen or at least delayed until January. (By the way, if you check some of the other blog links in my blog roll, you’ll get some more info and points of view on that – check Gordon Dewis’ Blog, My Corner of the Universe and The Squid Zone)

Second, we have people getting losing their jobs because of the coming economic instability (it’s still sort of status quo in Canada). This just blows, especially so close to the holiday season.

Third, we have the local public transit workers going on strike at this time of year. This time of year meaning the holiday season and winter. This is going to screw over a lot of people that rely on public transit to get to work, out for necessities, to health related appointments and so on.  While I feel for them that they’ve not been able to agree on a contract, I feel more for the single parents who might be trying to get their children to school, the day care or maybe even to a doctor’s appointment. Like the Mayor said, enjoy your 25$ per day of strike pay.

Maybe saying it is black mail is going a little far, but I don’t know… what do you think?

As if the weather and celebratory time of year isn’t bad enough a choice, the economy is starting to dwindle. I think if I can got a year without a pay raise, they can too. Oh apparently they’re picketing downtown blocking traffic and getting in the way of things. Slap them with disturbing the peace, toss them in jail and see how much 25$ a day strike pay goes with bail or fines.

And if this garners any attention of those striking? Here’s my message to you:

Fuck you. I’m showing you as much sensitivity as you are the people that rely on your service.

I wonder if the auto-industry workers would be interested in maintaining buses and driving them?

(Again, other local people are blogging about it, likely in a more reasonable manner: My Corner of the Universe and The Squid Zone)

Fourth, nature has decided to dump a load of snow on us over the last day which compounds all the other crap mentioned above. I think we got 35cm of snow (about 1’2″ for those not familiar with the metric system).

Good times…


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