A Quickie…

No, I’m not talking about sex, that’s never a quickie… I’m talking about the post for today.

I didn’t get a whole lot of play time in this weekend, but I did mess around a little as the Priest and Rogue on Rexxar. I’m finding that things are getting a little frustrating with the Rogue as I’ve got a few quests that require I handle more mobs than I can handle at one time. Hey, I’m used to play a Hunter and a Paladin now and they can handle it. Anyway, I ended up making a Hunter on Rexxar and got him up to 14th. I don’t know that I’ll continue with him since I’ve played a billion Hunters already (in fact, I should be working on Smaken).

Saturday was a lazy movie day. I finally saw Prince Caspian (good stuff) and Wanted (meh – I’ll give it credit for some of the action scenes being new but way over the top).

Sunday, I discovered the lack of Chris was due to power outtages where he is living. He was on bright and early Sunday morning though, and we stomped our way through Uldaman, duoing all the way up to the altar where you use it and it opens the doors down to the main boss. So we used it… and nothing happened.

You see, we were duoing the dungeon again and for Uldaman you need to have at least three people to open the door…

I should have read up on that. Oops.

I had to take off for a little birthday party but when I got back we picked up a Priest (good guy) and headed back into Uldaman where things went even faster because I didn’t have to heal myself (I even got invited to run Maradon twice after that but had to decline).

By the way, I don’t think I’m going to be so kind to Alliance folks on Firetree anymore. When I got to Uldaman’s meeting stone, there was a priest there (6 levels lower than I was). I waved and waited for Chris to get there so we could summon the Priest we were waiting on.

As I’m talking to one of my kids, the Priest’s friend, a Paladin, shows up and starts attacking me. I try to hold them off long enough for Chris to get there, but he shows up just as I die.

No more mercy for Alliance on Firetree. And I’m going to be dirty as hell about it.

So much for a quickie…


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