Merry Christmas…

I appreciate the presents for the kids, but if I have to assemble one more toy, I’m going nuts. Well, more nuts than before. Three sets of Legos, four sets of Playmobil, three kids games, two Clones helmets, a toy electric car and a toy electric guitar and amp later and I’m taking a break. Really assembling things isn’t too bad, but the difficulty goes up when the kids are picking at things, pushing buttons and wandering away with parts.

By the way, I was installing Vista SP1 on my second machine (kid machine) when my son decided he would push the power button because he the computer wasn’t coming back up (it was in the configuring stage) and restart it. It looks okay, but we’ll see.

Worst part about all this?

There was no fucken room in the fringe for beer.  I ogred it and made room, but the beer isn’t cold yet. Grrrr… I’d better run upstairs before the in-laws stuff their… faces and leave nothing behind them.


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…

  1. I thought the whole point of Lego was for the kids to assemble it… That’s what I always had (and still do have) the most fun doing with Lego. :S

  2. Yes, that’s usually the case but when the kid is only five and he’s got Lego City Garage, Coast Guard and Police Rig kits, it’s a bit much for him to do.

    As could be expected, they been taken appart and reassembled several times now.

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