Bomb Squad Stuffs

Okay, I’ve been a little quiet lately because I’ve been playing a lot of WoW and I’m on vacation so there isn’t a whole lot going on right now.

Frank (who I was playing Q2 LMCTF with over 11 years ago) is back to playing. He’s playing a Druid with Chris’ Mage and my Paladin. Only catch was we moved to Rexxar server and are playing Alliance side. That meant I had to start over at level 1 a Human Paladin while Frank was playing a Night Elf Druid. Chris transferred his Mage over from Aerie Peak (which was a level 44 Human Mage) so we were playing catch up. Well, a few days later, Frank, Chris and I are reunited. I’m level 43, Frank is 42 and Chris is 45.

We joined Hudson’s guild, Aftermath, and have been tearing through the content. We’ve been having a lot of fun so far, lots of good people and familiar faces there. (Hudson’s characters are Artemis, Macaroni and Britawaterfilter)

We added a Warlock guild member (Itsmemario) to the group and AE bombed our way through the dungeon. Take a peek (click it):


Notice the DPS rankings? Yeah, I’m Lannister and it’s a pink bar – bite me. No I’m not Retribution, I’m Protection and it’s a testament to my awesomeness (even though Hudson gave me the idea LOL). Also notice all the gold… too bad you can’t pick it up. Also notice the dead boss in the other room.

That’s a new UI I picked up called nUI. You can get it on Curse or WoWInterface. I switched to it because the mish-mash of stuff I had was getting to be too spread out and it was getting to be a little overwhelming for me to monitor voice chat, party text, player health, mob focus, where we were on the map and heal myself. That UI took everything and slapped it all together for me.

Next we’re aiming for Zul’Farrak or Maraudon, we’re not sure which one we’re hitting next.

Oh, Happy New Year.


7 thoughts on “Bomb Squad Stuffs

  1. Yeah we have a ton of Paladins. We seem to be lacking Rogues and Hunters (despite Hudson having Hunter demand as ‘low’, I think we have only two of them?)

    If you do go Hunter, I’d recommend Night Elf. Hudson loves NE Hunters. 🙂

    On a serious note, yeah, we seem to be low on Hunters and Rogues.

  2. Well, I think there is a reason for the lack of both. Hunters have such a negative stigma nowadays and rogues…well they’re rogues.
    I was working up a NE survival hunter on the side! lol The secret is out!

  3. But Hunters are sooooo awesome if played right. 😦

    I guess for Rogues, they’re higher maintenance for healing in raids or something? But Hunters… with the way Aspect of Viper works? They’ll never be OOM and have ranged DPS that is pretty sick. Oh and the pets get more defenses againsts AEs now too.

    Ah well.

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