Get Back to Work!

I’m back to work. The two weeks off was nice, though we didn’t really do a whole lot. We had family over, we went over to visit family, we visited friends, we went shopping, went to Cosmic Adventures, we didn’t end up going to a movie with the kids (they couldn’t decide on which movie then decided they didn’t want to go) but we did go see Yes Man (just the wife and I). I think I watched Home Alone with my oldest about three or four times.

And then there was WoW… a fair bit of it.

For some reason, I don’t really sleep well in the winter, especially during this season. I’m not sure why, I just don’t. That translated into a lot of late nights. I was also up pretty early and right into WoW.

Like I said in the last post, the gang is back together playing a MMO. With Frank coming back to gaming (he was hiatus) we  (Chris and I) had to decided what to do. Do we ditch the Paladin/Mage on Firetree (PVP) and start over? Do we doom ourselves to powerleveling Frank up to level on a PVP server which he doesn’t like? Do we try to continue our Horde group off where we left it (this is hard to do because we moved our Horde characters to Firetree while Frank’s was still on the other server and I had leveled Smaken up to 73rd)?

We decided to reroll on another server. Chris continued playing a Mage, I created a Paladin and Frank went for the overpowered Druid class. Honestly, it was something he should have started playing the game as because he really likes it. He’s always liked having a lot of choice and flexibility (and playing an overpowered class) so it was perfect for him.

I suggested Rexxar and Alliance for three reasons. The first being that it was PVE, the second was that I’d recently done Horde stuff several times and the third was that Hudson was starting up a guild that had goals that sounded a lot like what Frank and I had been part of in the past, and it was a good thing.

Some people might ask, “Why not CoW?” (Casualties of War)

Well, it certainly wasn’t out of spite. CoW are great folks but it felt like WoW was sort of secondary and I wasn’t sure it was going to grow. A lot of people were dragging over former characters and adding them to the guild. Some were still focused on WAR (which is good for them) and CoW on Rexxar was like a place to visit. It should be clear that I fell into the latter category (CoW on Rexxar being a secondary play group) only I wasn’t playing WAR, I was playing WoW on a different server as Horde with Chris.

The bottom line is that Aftermath was better suited for what I (and others in my group) were looking for from WoW.

Frank and I rerolled on Rexxar. I rolled a Human Paladin named Lannister (a.k.a. Lassiter), Frank rolled a Night Elf Druid named Kaldonar and Chris moved his Human Mage, Celem, over from one of our first group’s attempts at playing WoW. We’ve got the base of a group covered; tank/healer, healer/dps/tank and dps.

That was about two weeks ago and now we’re all knocking on the door to 50. Yes, we played that hard (Celem was already level 44). And yes, we were pretty focused.

Just yesterday we trio’ed Zul’Farrak and Maraudon. It was a lot of fun and it’s become clear that adding the Druid to the AE Bomb Team worked out well. It really did make it easier to AE bomb mobs that stunned or silenced because Frank could heal me when I couldn’t heal myself. He could add his own AE if I was able to heal myself and he could also switch to cat form and crank out some single target DPS. Oh, and when fighting the Princess in Maraudon, he could switch to dire bear form and tank while I was fleeing at the sight of her hideousness (she tends to fear the highest person on her threat list).

It’s going to be a good foundation of a group.

As for Aftermath, it’s been pretty fun there too. Arelias has added a bunch of good people all looking for the same sort of thing. I was really impressed by the willingness of the higher level folks to help out. We’ve got some high levels and low levels that are really experienced in the game and they are helping out when ever they can. This is anything from advice to runs through an instance (this is a bit of a hot topic for some*).

The other night I was on farming some materials for cooking when a lower level group needed a healer so I figured I’d help out. A low level (at the time) Warlock named Blackpiper was, basically, teaching some of the lower levels about instances and how to do them. We actually have some players that are new to WoW! Anyway, I join up and see that they’ve got a Warlock, two Paladins and a Mage. I was a third Paladin. Seeing the make up of the group and their levels, I am sure they would have been fine without me (Chris and I duoed that instance at a lower level they they were) but, as I said above, some people were still learning. The run went fine, no deaths and no hiccups. One of the new players really enjoyed it.

*Coming back to high levels running low levels through instances, there are mixed feelings about it and I think my little group of MMOers represents all three.

Chris isn’t a fan of them. He’d much rather do the instance as it was intended and enjoys the challenge. We’re getting into the instance range where it is new content. Chris is also a lore person so rushing through also impacts that.

Frank loves it. He likes blowing through them, seeing the sites and getting the odd bit of loot here and there. He also likes doing in legitimately, but he’s looking ahead and seeing that most of the stuff he’ll get in the instances are going to be replaced quickly, especially once we start seeing green drops from TBC.

I’m on the fence. I don’t mind rushing through the ones I’ve done before to pick up bits of gear I haven’t had or that are upgrades but I also really like to do it legitimately. While I know the gear will be replaced quickly, it’s still nice to say I had it and used it for a bit or at least see it drop. While I wouldn’t turn down an offer to rush through a dungeon, I wouldn’t really ask for it unless I had a reason to.  I asked for a Gnomeregan and Razorfen Downs run through because Gnomer was going green on me, I’d never seen it all the way through. I had a quest in RFD that none of the others had. I really appreciated Styed’s help on that.

Next on the instance list: Sunken Temple, Blackrock Depths, Strathholme, Scholomance, Dire Maul and Blackrock Spire. I’ve done a bit of Sunken Temple before, but I didn’t see the others.

I must see them!


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