I’m Jealous…

I just watched Obama’s speech and have to say that I wish Canada had leaders like him to pick from. He spoke with clarity, conviction and feeling. I suppose the closest choice we have to him is Jack Layton, but Layton comes off feeling more like a salesperson than a leader. I can remember waiting for him to say, “And if you act now…” where as you don’t get that from Obama at all.

Obama had a lot of good things to say and made me feel a little sorry for Bush having to sit there, almost like he was rattling off things Bush should have done.

I’m jealous you Americans had a chance to vote for this man and I shake my head at the current state of Canadian politics. I cringe at having to vote again in such a short time for, most likely, the same candidates.

“… time to shed our childish ways…” I hope the Canadian political parties were listening to that.

6 thoughts on “I’m Jealous…

  1. That quote about childish ways is from the Bible. There’s nothing new there. In fact, a lot of what he said wasn’t “new”… It was America rattling its sword again.

    And yeah, an election here is most likely on its way. I was saying to some colleagues that perhaps by the time Obama comes here, Harper won’t be PM anymore…

  2. Ken – I know it was from the Bible. I’m simply pointing out how appropriately it could be applied to our bunch of children who can’t seem to agree or compromise.

    Werit – At least he appears to be worth following. Check out some of the Canadian party leaders. We have Spineless, Slimey, Hippy, Openly-Hates-Canada and Oops-I-Forgot-To-Smile to pick from 😦

  3. Oops-I-Forgot-To-Smile (a.k.a. I-Am-A-Robot) is currently PM and three others are ganging up on him and the Conservative party to get them kicked to the curb, offering to replace them with a coalition government of Spineless and Slimey (with Openly-Hates-Canada being the devil they may be making deals with). Hippy has no real representation in the House of Commons.

    The joys of a minority government and our election system.

    I’ll admit I voted Conservative simply because I didn’t like, or trust, what the others were doing.

  4. Well considering the fact that the last dude made us look SO bad, it’s nice to have someone in office that presents well. The last guy will be morned by comedians though, he was an endless stream of comic material. 🙂

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