Almost There…

I popped into Stratholme alone last night. I figured I was in the area collecting Arthas’ Tears (flowers) and just did the quest where you clean up some restless spirits so why not take a look and see if I can get the holy water needed for my mount quest.

Sure enough, I saw a sparkly supply case within a couple of pulls of the entrance (which you can’t easily exit from). Solo Paladin, level 60 looking at a bunch of level 58 regular and elite mobs. What’d I do?

I pulled them.

I tagged them with my shield toss and ducked around the corner (some were casters). They bunched up really nicely in front of me and I proceeded to Holy Shield, Consecrate and Judge them down to Hammer of Wrath level (35% or less health).  It wasn’t easy and I had to heal myself several times – though handling mana was easy thanks to Redoubt triggering, Seal of Wisdom + Reckoning, Holy Shield and Blessing of Sanctuary.

I moved on to the next group and pulled. Then another. Then another and I was finally in reach of the box. Clicky…

“You cannot see your target.”

What? Move, clicky.

“You cannot see your target.”

Move, clicky, move, clicky… grrr. I grumbled about it in guild chat which got an immediate response. It was so immediate I almost missed it. Saur, a level 80 Death Knight, said he could pop by and give me a hand.

Man, I love this guild. People are so nice and helpful.

Being me, I kept pulling and clearing. It was fun though I almost died against the wandering abomination that punts you backwards which interrupts casting. Clever timing of the heal, use of stun and bandages won out the day though.

Soon enough, Saur arrived and proceeded to clear through the rest of the instance – even though I got the holy water I needed not too long after he showed up. Again, pretty awesome of him.

Things went pretty smoothly until he told me, “Don’t agro the this, k?” I stepped back and waited. He attacked a named banshee on one of those ziggurats and suddenly he turned red and started attacking me. I almost didn’t notice it because I was clearing crap out of my bags. After taking a few of his hits, I decided I’d let him live and not kill him off. He was helping me out so I figured I’d take one for him. 😀

The run back wasn’t too painful, I managed to get a key to the city so now I can unlock almost everything in there. Very cool instance, I liked the feel of it and got the impression there was a really neat story behind it (witnessing the Scarlet Crusade folks battling off undead and the undead flowing in behind us as we were clearing the Scarlet Crusade complex).

We (okay, Saur) beat down the rest of the stuff in the instance while I cured diseases and dropped the odd heal here and there. He wasn’t spec’ed for tanking so I had to be careful what I did so as not to grab agro. We got down to the Baron but he refused to give up his mount. Ah well.

Thanks again, Saur. 🙂

I handed in the quests I completed and got the follow up to get the enriched horse food. I stopped there though because it was almost 1am and I knew if I didn’t stop there, I’d probably push on and get myself into trouble in Dire Maul.

I’ll save that for a later date.

In other games, I was playing a little of Wizard 101 with my Big Little Ogre. He’s up to level 17 (I think) with his Myth/Ice Wizard. He’s got a bunch of other combinations he’s using but that is the one that is the farthest ahead. I got my Life/Balance Wizard up to 15th and popped into Krakatopia to help him out.

Man, you can really use that “Go to Location” friend teleport to trivialize things. We did the Sunken City instance together and sometimes had one of us gate back to the tower or home, collect some mana then teleport back to the other guy while we were in the middle of combat.

We were also using it to help me get caught up in quests. When I was off to hand something in, he’d move on to the other area and wait for me near what I needed.

Sounds sneaky? Am I teaching him bad things like exploiting systems?

It was his idea. I think it was innocent and he was trying to be helpful.

I have to admit, I really like Wizard 101 for the kids, even the Little Little Ogre gets involved. He’ll select cards and play them for me when I’m helping Little Big Ogre out. Other times he’ll play his own little character and just run around.

It also teaches them a bit about thinking ahead or even some simple strategies. It gets a little trickier as you advance too. One of the encounters I had to help out with involved some Dark Sprites using some sort of absorb spell? It was blocking all of Little Big Ogre’s myth spells and he lost that fight a few times.

I’m impressed he didn’t go into a barbarian rage and smash stuff – which is another thing he is learning to deal with, failure. That’s something we often try to avoid for our kids and it’s getting to be a real issue once they get older where they have to deal with it but aren’t prepared to do so.

All sorts of good little lessons in there. Oh and his reading is getting better too. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Almost There…

  1. It really was quite quick. I literally grumbled in guild chat “Damn, this box is glowie but I keep getting no line of sight when trying to loot it.” He immediately responded with, “Want a hand there?”

  2. Yeah Saur is always willing to help when he can. It’s pretty cool. I LOVE that instance too by the way. You’re right it does look like there’s a really involved story line associated with it.

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