WoW Status…

I guess I’ve been a little quiet about WoW lately. Well, I broke the 60 marker and managed to get my Paladin Charger mount – it’s pretty sweet.

It wasn’t easy, I had to get some help from people in Aftermath. Saur gave me a hand with Stratholme (for the holy Water). Kaldonar (and his son, Damogoth) gave me a hand in Dire Maul. Kaldonar, Styed and Arinos gave me a hand in Scholomance – which, by the way, requires a key to open. A key no one had.

I had to go and get it which didn’t take too long and they were pretty patient with me, which I definitely appreciate.  I called them in to help and wasn’t prepared. That was lacking awesomeness.

I’m now up to level 64 and I’ve run the Hellfire: Ramparts, Hellfire: Blood Furnace and Coilfang Reservoir: Slave Pens. I still have oodles of quests in Hellfire, which I want to complete before going into other zones like Zangarmarsh. With Smaken, I was level 62 and had done all the quests I could in Hellfire before moving on to Zangarmarsh.

I get the feeling I might out level a lot of Burning Crusade content without doing all the zones on this character. I’ve got mixed feelings about that. I liked doing a lot of the quests before but I have done most of them already. So far the Horde side and Alliance side aren’t all that different as far as quests go. I’m not sure if that will change. On the other hand, I’ll be into some of the Wrath of the Lich King content which means I’ll be catching up to where I left off with Smaken.

I’m also worried I won’t be able to afford the epic flying mount. The regular flying mount is in range, but the epic flying mount is a ways off. I suppose it won’t matter much if we’re into WotLK and can’t fly there until 77 and I can afford Cold Flying Training (or what ever).

Another thing I’d like to do is see some of the raids for older zones. No rush I suppose.

Oh, here‘s a video I put together for one of the guild Paladins that was asking about being a Protection Paladin. The quality is crappy, I have to figure out how to deal with the wide screen and aspect ratio issues. I also had the sound removed because there was a song in the background that was trademarked/copyrighted. It’s good that YouTube does that and I’ll be more careful next time. I put in a substitute song that is available on YouTube, unfortunately, I couldn’t control where it started.

The video shows me pulling and tanking (at level 62) a bunch of solo mobs (level 61) and clobbering them at once. I was trying to show people that playing a Protection Paladin is different from other specs because you actually want more mobs to attack you than less. The end result is you kill most of them in about the time it takes you to kill one. I also was showing how nice Spiritual Focus is for letting you cast while getting beat on – in this case, I was casting some heals.

The first and last bit was me riding around on the new Charger mount. 🙂

You’ll notice my mana doesn’t go down a whole lot. I’m using Seal of Wisdom (every hit on an enemy gives me a chance to get some mana back), I’m judging Light (every hit on an enemy there is a chance I get some health back), I’m using (Improved) Devotion Aura (increased Armor), I use Consecrate (point blank, area effect damage over time – the yellow stuff on the ground), Reckoning pops a few times (increased chance of getting extra swings in), Redoubt pops a few times (a hefty increased chance of blocking) and I use Holy Shield liberally (it also increases block chance for X number of hits and will do damage to attackers it blocks). All that is in use while I’m under the effects of Blessing of Sanctuary (which reduces damage taken and when I block, parry or dodge an attack I get a certain percentage of my mana back) and Righteous Fury (which increases threat generated by Holy spells by 90% and reduces damage taken).

It all adds up to being able to block a lot so I get my mana back fast which allows me to continue to fire off Consecrate, Holy Shield and Holy Light (heal) if I need it.

Oh, I also use Avenger’s Shield (throws the shield and it bounces off several targets damaging them all) and Hammer of Wrath (a finisher that is only available when the target is under 35% health – does some pretty hefty damage) in there too.


9 thoughts on “WoW Status…

  1. Hey Werit 🙂

    I have a DK already but haven’t bothered playing him any since my main focus is Lannister. I think I might dust him (Lassiter) off and get him farming stuff which should help with the coin but I’m not all that motivated to do that.

    When I played Smaken through, I missed a bunch of the content in the higher level zones because I hit 70 and sort of ran out of gas for farming rep and stuff. I wouldn’t mind doing some of that but I get a feeling I’m going to blow through those levels by hitting up instances more than questing. I like instances, but I also like doing some of the quests too.

    I feel like I’m doing a bit of a balancing/juggling act here. I want to do instances, but I also want to do quests and I don’t want to outlevel Celem (only available on weekends) and I also want to be available for guildies.

    It isn’t easy being awesome…

  2. Bah, you’re just looking for spoilers for my campaign, Ken. 😀 I’ll post something later about the campaign. I have to admit, I’m happy with where it is going so far.

    The thing is, I’ve done a lot since the last post I made about WoW.

  3. I’d rant about OC Tranpso and the whole ATU strike but you’ve got that covered. 🙂

    Oh and I meant to bring some free 10 day trials for WoW to D&D a couple of weeks ago but the wife cleaned my desktop and now I can’t find the cards.

  4. I’m just thinking of the ZF run where you had you’re faster mount speed aura up through a few of the fights. Yeah and the Rogue off tanking, yeah Aus-some!

    But really, as much as I want to get to this level 80 everyone is making such a fuss over, I’m getting a little… burnt out. If you want to just run through some old world stuff, I’d be game.

  5. Yeah, I had that aura going through most of those big zombie fights. I was wondering why I needed a couple of heals in there. hehe And I’m surprised those Shadowhunters didn’t turn me into a frog sooner. That was pretty exciting. I’m glad I was awake enough to hit you with Hand of Protection, though maybe Lay on Hands would have been a safer spell. :\

    Don’t feel any rush to get to 80, I don’t. I’m feeling the opposite, like it’s hard not to level by just doing stuff and I feel like I’m missing out on quests and even some zones.

    I’ve little desire to rush to the level cap because what else do you have to do at that point? Farm faction? Back quest? Arena? PVP? Some raids?

    Taking your time lets you experience more of the content, IMHO. Sure you can run through the instances when they’re green, but you only end up running through it all, you’re not really overcoming it or experiencing it as it was intended.

    I’m not a purist, but I do like a challenge. I appreciate higher levels giving the lower levels a hand but I also like giving dungeons a legitimate shot. 🙂

    Anyway, don’t feel pressure to level. Do what you want when you get on. Level 80 is going to be the cap for another year or two so no rush. 🙂

  6. I’m with you Lann, it’s fun and all getting a quest run done quickly, but there’s nothing like the satisfaction of knowing, yeah, I destroyed that place.

    Dunno just something about it.

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