Ding 70!

I got into a bit of a groove last night when I popped on to deal with some auction house and inscription research stuff. It led to doing a few quests which almost ended up leading to doing all the quests. At some point there was a big flash, ding sound and an achievement popped up.

I had hit 70th.

I didn’t mean to.


I ended up finishing a few things off and pulled myself away from questing to go pick up my flying mount. I went with the Snowy Griffon – which has nothing to do with a guildy’s name, it was just white and bright. I am a Paladin you know…

My immediate plans are to farm stuff. Lots of stuff. Build up some coin again so I can pick up the higher level riding skill and the epic flying mount. I’m debating whether I want to do this by running about collecting herbs or by booting the DK and switching his tradeskill to enchanting and have him run lower level instances to disenchant stuff and sell the materials? I’m leaning towards herb collecting. I might still run Lannister through some of the lower level instances that I’ve yet to do (BFD, WC, RFD or is it RFK? etc.)

However, I must avoid WoW tonight. I must get to bed early.

And not the 1am kind of early either…


4 thoughts on “Ding 70!

  1. Yeah :$

    I’m going to farm for the rest of the week. Though there isn’t much of it left for me. Early(ish) night for me tonight, tomorrow I have D&D and Thursday I’m out with some friends for wings 🙂

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