Break Time…

I’m in a great mood today so I expect to have the sky fall on me shortly. I’ve no idea why I’m in such a good mood. Music sounds better, coffee tastes better and I simply feel better.

Viagra? Cialis?

Nope. I’m just in a good mood. Which is surprising because I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night (got home from D&D sometime after midnight and didn’t get to sleep until a little while after that).

Am I excited, anticipating going here tonight? Yeah, probably. I’m not sure which I’m looking forward to the most; the wings or the waitresses? According to my friend (who was quite drunk at the Superbowl party), “the waitresses are super hot, like porn star hot… but with good teeth!” He said that bit to me about twelve times through the night.

I wasn’t aware porn stars tended to have bad teeth?

I’m looking forward to hanging out because it’s always a blast with these guys (and it will just be the guys out). 🙂


3 thoughts on “Break Time…

  1. I’m sad to report that my friend was hyping the place sort of like when Darren (from Common Sense Gamer) hyped how hot the waitress was and it turned out to be a guy. (And no, he still hasn’t had me on SUWT yet!)

    Of the four waitresses and one hostess they could be classified as follows:

    “porn star with nice teeth” = 0
    “hot chick” = 1
    “not bad” = 1
    “okay…” = 1
    “unappeallingly twiggy” = 1
    “Mom? What are you doing here?!” = 1

    The wings were pretty good. Between the three of use we ordered six different plates:
    – smokey ranch (not hot)
    – smokey mountain (not hot)
    – medium (ouch… this is hot elsewhere)
    – bbq (not hot)
    – dry cajun (not hot)
    – honey jerk (ouch)

    Good times were had. 🙂

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