Lemmings Play WoW…

No really, it’s true. See?

I didn’t leave WAR because I thought WoW was better or because I thought I’d be less cool for playing it over WoW? I’m not playing WoW because the masses are. I’m playing WoW because it’s entertaining and fits in with the amount of time I want to spend playing a game (though I do play it a little much at times).

I left WAR for the following reasons:
– The begining content was fun but after awhile I got bored or frustrated
– PVP was fun until people figured out bugs and used them to their advantage
– Known, class breaking, issues weren’t resolved
– If you didn’t play at prime time you were left to do PVE stuff
– The PVE content was pretty lame
– The dungeon experience wasn’t even close to meeting my preferences
– The controls weren’t very responsive
– The game didn’t perform very well (coming from someone that had no performance issue with EQ2 or VG on release)

It didn’t add up to a fun time for me and it clearly didn’t add up to a fun time for several others.

Oh well. /cry

6 thoughts on “Lemmings Play WoW…

  1. Well said

    A game is only as good as the people it KEEPS. WAR hardly has any new people coming in. I could tell that the first month of play.

    It is not a matter of being a tourist, it is a matter of just plain thinking the game is not up to par for me.

  2. I left WOW (and mmos in general) for the following reasons:
    – The begining content was fun but after awhile I got bored or frustrated
    – PVP was fun until people figured out Arenas sucked and PvE >> PvP
    – Known, class breaking, issues weren’t resolved. Still, shaman??
    – If you didn’t play at prime time you were left to do PVE stuff or wait in a QQ
    – The PVE content was pretty EZ
    – The dungeon experience wasn’t even close to meeting my preferences
    – The graphics weren’t very realistic

  3. I’m not sure I agree that syncaine’s original post warrants quite this much hubbub. Nor do I agree with all of your specific points – the controls felt sufficiently responsive to me, and I felt it was pretty well-balanced considering it was just launching – but your reasons for preferring WoW are both fair and self-evident.

    The big issue for me is that while I felt WAR was a whole lot of fun, the fun was very delicately balanced on the population being both sufficiently large and engaged in the whole gamut of the game’s provided activities. When that balance started to shift, it became lame very quickly. My first impression upon coming back (this week) is that this issue has not yet been remedied. In this regard WoW is a much more forgiving game, and at this point it has a much greater depth of content.

  4. It’s really too bad his blog is taking that sort of turn because I enjoyed some of the other stuff he’s written.

    There are bits of truth in there but a little too much complaining over the fact that people abandoned the game. They abandoned the game for their reasons which are as valid to them as his reasons for staying are valid to him.

    A friend of mine is fond of saying, “If I made a MMO, I’d love it. It’d be awesome. But I’d probably be the only one playing it.”

    It’s all about preference.

    And some of the comments? Man… “people looking for entertainment not games”, games are entertainment. If they’re not entertainment then you’d better be getting paid to play it.

    EDIT: oh hey, I had some people queued up waiting approval.

    @BobbyD: If those are your reasons for leaving WoW, cool. Those are your reasons. I’m not going to call you names and lash out at you because WoW is failing.

    @Ardwulf: It doesn’t really, but I’m hoping he takes it as a shot in the arm to move on and get back to blogging some good stuff.

    I feel for him, I really do. He likes the game and it looks like it’s in rough shape given all the recent layoffs. He likes it, has fun and doesn’t want to see it crash while a lot of bloggers out there are ready to pounce with, “I told you so!”.

    Some of the things I didn’t like in WAR are also dislikes in WoW (namely the dungeon thing – dungeons in WoW are too short and far too linear for my liking) but I still have fun in game despite them.

    The population balance thing (which they said wouldn’t be a problem over and over) was a big one. But, like you said, the requirement of having other people there to make the game fun was a mistake – AC2 had the same problem only they took it to a further extreme.

    My issue with responsiveness had to do with no immediate feedback, and no, I wasn’t lagging unless it was a server issue. I found it with various abilities and with the morale bonuses. They had to make some more tweaks to their ‘slop timer’ as they were calling it.

    WAR had a lot of good things to it, just not enough to keep me interested. I can’t help but feel they pushed it early because they were running out of money. This has become more and more of a trend with MMOs lately and people should be insulted by it, not defending it.

    By the way, I didn’t play WoW on release because the graphics seemed a little cartoony, I wasn’t sure I liked the community that I saw growing around it and I was hoping EQ2 would deliver.

  5. It’s interesting, the two games other than WoW in your last comment have changed dramatically since launch. I played EQ2 from launch until just after the third expansion. It progressed from decent to amazing in that time. WAR has probably changed as much int he past month as EQ2 has since launch (if you include the upcoming 1.2 patch). I honestly have almost nothing to complain about in WAR anymore other than the lack of love to my favorite class in game 😉

  6. A lot of the MMOs I’ve played have changed significantly from release. I’m not trying to be snide here, but that’s why they’re required to have that ESRB label warning that gameplay may change and it’s a big part of being a MMO.

    WAR wasn’t a horrible game and I don’t fault anyone for playing it, it just didn’t hold my interest. If they wanted to keep my interest, they would have delivered on PVE, including decent dungeons. I think they focused too much on PQs, scenarios and the PVP aspect of the game – which is great if you’re solely interested in PVP.

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