Long forgotten and replaced with amusement park rides or games. Their value, reward and sense of achievement is fleeting as you move on to the next stand and see even shinier loot hanging on display.

Gone are the days where you could actually get lost in a dungeon and that was a bigger danger than the creatures in there. They’re all so straight forward and linear now. Yes, I count things having multiple wings as being linear when you pop in and there is only one path to follow, that’s linear.

Where has the exploration gone? Where are the false floors, fake walls, secret areas requiring you to swim through water and where are the dungeons that were death traps that forced you to go through the content to get out the other side? Where are the dungeons that were so huge it would take you several days to explore it all?

My ideal dungeon would be the size and non-linear nature of Guk (upper, lower dead/live sides), traps/secrets/locks like in DDO, with some of the twists to mob encounters of WoW while also having some of the neat side quests that VG had (Nusibe Necropolis cure quest, I’m looking at you!).

That doesn’t mean every dungeon has to be that way, just most of them.

Back in my day…


4 thoughts on “Dungeons…

  1. That’s all good and fine but keep the “wings” concept which is for “saving my game to continue later.” We all have jobs and lives now, no time to spend days continuously lost in some pretend dungeon.

    Unless you count Moria… I still don’t know my way around that damned place and it has maps!

  2. The “wings” concept defies having large, non-linear dungeons because that breaks them up into nice consumable chunks of content… no risk, no fear of getting lost.. just “I win the instance” in 30 minutes or so.


  3. Well by wings I actually meant more like the “raid lock” thing. Or, at least the way LOTRO does it. Down a boss and you’re locked to that point so it’s kinda a “game save” to come back to later.

    Anything to keep me from forcibly being stuck in some dungeon. I’m not an unemployed college kid who can spend 23 hours playing a dungeon then powernap for an hour and do it again.

  4. Sad thing is, even if someone built dungeons the way I’d like them to be built, I probably wouldn’t be able to play them… maybe. 🙂

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