Wrath of the Three Year Old…

I noticed something a little odd the other day when I was in Wizard 101. My three year old had created characters so I deleted the extra ones. It dawned on me that the delete option doesn’t prompt you for so much as a Yes/No.

I thought this was pretty risky because one misclick and you can lose your character. Well, that or someone’s little kid might delete the character. Ever wonder why all the other MMOs out there have some sort of prompt that is beyond Yes/No? Well, little kids learn Yes and No pretty quick so if you prompt them with a Yes/No they’re going to click Yes. Most MMOs out there have a prompt asking you to type in DELETE or the name of your character to confirm deletion.

Wizard 101 doesn’t have this and my three year old deleted my main.

I’m contacting their support to see if they can restore it and I added a suggestion that they put up some sort of deletion prompt…

They were pretty quick to respond and only requested the account user name (I have three), the character name and that there be enough free seats to restore the character to (limit of 6 Wizards).


All fixed! The character was restored.

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with their support. I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with them. The first issue was a crash on start up and they responded promptly letting me know what the issue was and how to work around it, also noting it wouldn’t continue to be an issue.


2 thoughts on “Wrath of the Three Year Old…

  1. It was pretty quick. I think it took less than a couple of days. It might be longer now since they’ve got quite a following. I was a subscriber so I don’t know if they now triage the requests differently.

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