Commercials in 5.1…

I was watching the Ottawa Senators playing the Colorado Avalanche last night and had the sound running through my 5.1 sound system. This isn’t anything new, I’ve been able to do that for a long time now but for some reason I stopped doing it and I couldn’t remember why. I was reminded why last night.

It turns out that commercials come through louder than the game I was watching so I was constantly adjusting the volume up and down. Loud commercial, volume down. Game back on, volume up. Quick commercial break (sometimes they throw one single commercial in), volume down.. oh game is on, volume up.

I don’t think the game was actually 5.1 audio because the signal wasn’t HD either… but the commercials were. I think that was the main issue. I didn’t notice the same problem on Monday night when I was watching my usual Monday line up; House, Chuck and Heroes.

House was cool. When they were down in the emergency room, it sounded like we were there too.

I guess I’ll turn it off if its a non-HD/5.1 broadcast on a HD/5.1 channel.

By the way, the speakers are ‘new’. I needed to replace a receiver about three years ago and found a Sony home entertainment system kit that was 5.1 (powered sub) and included a HDMI capable receiver. It was a ridiculously low price (300$) and the guy said it had to be a pricing mistake. I checked the features against some of the other recievers and it was better, so yeah, someone screwed up and I was lucky enough to notice. When I got home I just swapped out the receiver and left my JBL speakers up since they had wall mounts while the Sony ones didn’t have a way of immediately putting them up included – and I’m lazy. The Sony speakers/sub lay about waiting for me to swap them and eventually the wife got tired of having them in the way so she packed them away in the back room.

Three years later, I finally switched out the JBL stuff with the Sony stuff. I had to since the wife painted the basement and removed the wall mounts. I figured if I had to put the speakers back up, I’d dig the Sony stuff out and put those up. Now I have to get around to doing the automatic speaker tuning…

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