Dawn of War II – Second Impression (pt.1)

I’ve had to uninstall it and reinstall it in hopes that it fixes what ever issue it is having when it is trying to start up. The dump crash issue is known, apparently plaguing Vista 32-bit OSes specifically and has to do with how they dump memory. Go figure.

It’s really tempting to switch this to Vista 64-bit but I’m worried some old devices might not have 64-bit drivers (the issue would exist on winXP-64 bit too). With that in mind, maybe I’ll take a look at Windows 7.

Back to the game.

It rocks. It’s oddly satisfying. All the big explosions, blood pinatas and battle cries are there. I think I’m a ways into it but have yet to have a vehicle on my side, though it was hinted that a Goliath is on the way.

I was worried about the squad based combat as opposed to building up things and letting them go. However, you still get to do some set up and deploying without the need to gather resources – one benefit is portable bolter turrets and deployable mines. The Assault Squad is pretty fun – it didn’t take me long to get the Death From Above achievement because it was just so much fun having them rocket in, land on the enemy and send them all flying.

Really, no complaints aside from the bloody crash which is preventing me from playing… TV time, I’ll post later.

UPDATE: They released a patch that is supposed to help with the crash issue. My issue of failing even to load up seems to have come from not being able to log into LIVE. Of course, I discovered this after assuming it was a corrupted save game and deleted my save games.

I went digging through the log files and found one called warning.txt ([user]\Documents\My Games\Dawn of War 2\Logfiles\)which complained about not being able to log into the LIVE service, followed up with a fatal error. Once again, I’d like to refer you to the tester haiku. If it’s as simple as not being able to log into LIVE, why not show a bloody prompt saying as much?

I rebooted, logging into the LIVE client manually, then MSN and the started up the game and it worked. Admittedly, I was having some issue with MSN which is tied to that LIVE gamers thing. Isn’t there some saying about having all your eggs in one basket?

I played the started mission with no problem but I turned down two settings just in case the fix didn’t really work. There was someone on the Relic boards saying it worked up until a certain point.


3 thoughts on “Dawn of War II – Second Impression (pt.1)

  1. I still prefer the “Action RTS” or RTT (depending on what the devs call it) games these days, like DoW2, where the RTS base-building and that aspect of the micromanagement is removed. I just don’t have the patience for it anymore. The whole point is to blow shit up, and I never particularly considered zerging and turtling to be strategic anyway. Just get me in the battle already so I can blow.shit.up!

    Was disappointed with the Halo Wars demo because it’s more of a straight-up RTS with base-building (simplified but it’s still there) and after the close-up combat of WiC and EndWar (guess I should include WiC’s predecessors GC1 & 2 also) it was really hard going back to only having tiny little units and that overhead view. Not sure if I’ll get the game or not, although Ensemble did a fantastic job on the cinematics.

  2. This might help when you get home.

    Improved memory heap management to reduce ‘out-of-memory’ crashes that were plaguing certain systems, including 32-Bit Vista on High and Ultra settings. Often reported as ‘error 183 failed to create to create dump’

  3. Yeah that’s the patch I nabbed last night. It does seem to help. I was able to play several missions (over lunch) without it crashing. Admittedly, I reduced a couple of settings so that might have helped too.

    I wish I hadn’t deleted my save games. 😐

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