Change of Direction?

I recorded a Canadian talk show called The Hour the other night because a lead singer for a band I liked a lot was on and getting interview. Maybe you heard of him, Chris Cornell?

In my late teens I was introduced to Soundgarden by some friends and I was hooked. I was lucky that they came to play near Ottawa while they were still touring after Superunknown (Badmotorfinger was the album that sold me). The music struck a chord with me at the time so I started checking out earlier work and side projects. Long story short, I became a fan of Chris Cornell’s music and lyrics, all of it good stuff and seemed oddly appropriate to me as they were release. Including the solo albums and Audioslave albums.

He’s got another album coming out soon (March 10th, 2009) and it’s quite a change from what he’s released before. You’ve got to give him credit to doing what he enjoys, no matter what his fans want or expect from him.

And once again, oddly appropriate.

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