Very cool idea. I was a big fan of Quake 2 and played it for hours on end both offline and online (LMCTF mainly, some RA). I also used to build maps, yeah, I was that into it.

It’s basically Quake3 given to you for free with online matching services. Pretty interesting idea. If you head to the site (below) and take the virtual tour you’ll get an idea of what is involved. Pretty cool idea, even if Q3A is a little old.

Go check it out HERE.

(Thanks to Heartless_ for the heads up about it)


4 thoughts on “QuakeLive…

  1. I just can’t get interested in QuakeLive. I was even invited to beta (funny because I didn’t apply to beta) but I couldn’t be bothered. For me, I just can’t go back to Arena Deathmatch games. It’s sooooo last decade. I think I’d grown out of it by the time Q3A arrived on the scene, in fact. I didn’t put much time into it at all, nor any of the UT series that came out around that time or later.

    It is an almost humorous look at our tech advances since then though. Back in the day it was all “ooohs” and “aaahs” over id’s new engine for Q3A. Now it’s running in a browser. HA!

  2. I can do it all the time on XBL or Steam but with newer and better designed shooters, no need to go retro on Arena garbage. For that matter, Q3A servers are still up, so no need to fool with QL anyway.

    Get a 360, I’ll give ya a console headshot 🙂

  3. Okay, so for people that don’t want to get a console, don’t want to dig out their Q3A CDs and install them… basically, for lazy people it’s good stuff. 🙂

    I have no intention of buying a XBox 360. The kids are good with the PS3 and I don’t have an urge to play any console games since I’ve got my PC. Every now and then, I might fiddle with a console game on my own, but it’s unlikely.

    And FPS on a console? Bleh! Mouse and keyboard!

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