6th Picture in Your MMO Screenshots Folder…

I’m not a fan of ‘meme’ type stuff, but I’ll let this one slide (remember me when the loot drops, k?).

This changed, somewhere along the line, to be the 6th screenshot in your screenshots folder for what ever MMO you have on your system. Here’s mine:

What? I’m a guy! What did you expect?!

Okay, seriously, here it is…

Tanked it, even dead!

That’s a shot from 7 levels ago where we fought Keristsomething for the first time. I died then it died from remorse at having killed me.

True story.

Oh right, I’m supposed to follow this up by tagging some poor person to do the same thing. Uhh… most people I know are playing MMOs and blogging have already been tagged… I think.

I’ll tag Darin from The Squid Zone. I think he might still be playing Vanguard, but I’m not sure.

And I’ll tag Creep from Creeping… because I don’t think anyone has tagged her yet.

4 thoughts on “6th Picture in Your MMO Screenshots Folder…

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