I Can Fly!

I hit 77th last night. I probably would have hit it sooner but I’ve been having a hard time staying up late because of a cold that has been nagging me. It’s been a bit of a downer, leaving me feeling drowsy most of the time and subdued (sub-dude!). Leveling hasn’t been that bad or difficult, finding time has been.

Getting 77th wasn’t tough, I just tidied up some quests in Dragonblight and moved into Grizzly Hills where I did a bunch more there and Ding! 77th. I even dumped a number of group quests – I just wasn’t in the mood to ask for help, I was just in my own little zone. That’s been the case for the last week or so – sorry Aftermath folks!

Having hit 77th, I went off and bought Cold Weather Flying for 1000 gold. That leaves me with around 500 gold and in need of 4700 gold more for my epic flying mount.

No, I don’t have that yet. I didn’t view it as a priority since I knew that I wouldn’t be able to use it until 77th. Right now, that is one of the final gold consuming goals I have – at least until the respec thing gets patched in, but even then, I might hold off on that because I’ve been Prot speced the hole way so far. I don’t feel any need to change that.

Other expenses will include enchantments, training for the last four levels (I forgot to train my abilities at 77th) and recipes for cooking and inscriptions. Then there will be costs for consumables once I start getting into the raid scene.

That may sound like it is a ways off, given how long its taken me to get to 77th, but I suspect I’ll be 80 before the end of next week.

I’m off on the 5th and 6th so I’ll be playing pretty hard those days.

Don’t worry, I’m not falling off the WoW Wagon, I’m still gung-ho and looking forward to getting into the Heroics and raiding.


4 thoughts on “I Can Fly!

  1. I’m really curious about where the heck they could possibly go next but I’m pretty sure people won’t be happy if they release another expansion and take flying away again.

    Maybe they’ll add in aerial combat as part of your flying mount and have aerial encounters to prevent people from bypassing content too easily?

    Who knows.

  2. well with the new argent content, it looks like mounted combat is something they are looking into. Imagine a BG like AV on flying mounts and jousting poles? I remember on my rogue flying way above another player on my PvP server and jumping off mount, hit vanish then Shadowstep stab them off their mount. It was fun times. Mounted combat is the way of the future.

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