WTB An Addon Programmer…

I’ve been digging around looking for some sort of buff mod that doesn’t require I paint all class with the same Blessing. While this might make sense in a raid scenario (in which case you might have multiple Pallies buffing the same buff on the whole raid), it’s a pain in the ass when dealing with a group.

There is no one ‘right’ Blessing for any given class. There are some that are ‘most likely’ desired by that class, but you never know.

Druids – Resto and Boom will want BoW while Feral will want BoM or BoS depending on whether they’re DPSing or tanking.

Shamans – Resto and Ele will probably want BoW while Enhancement might want BoM.

Warrior – Arms/Fury will probably want BoM while Prot might want BoS.

Rogues – Are pretty easy, they’ll generally want BoM.

Mages – Are pretty easy, they’ll generally want BoW.

Priests – Like Mages.

Warlocks – Like Mages.

Hunters – Like Rogues (though some might request BoW… heh /kick)

Paladins – Ret might want BoM, Prot BoS and Holy BoW… but then they have their own Blessings so they might want something else.

Deathknights – Unholy/Blood probably want BoM while Frost will love BoS.

Then there is Blessing of Kings – some people want this. Did I miss a class?

The ideal buff mechanism, IMO, would work like BuffZilla, which appears to be a little out of date and lacking a lot of finishing touches. I’d expand it the following ways:

  • Add the ability to specify names instead of classes.
  • Add a UI mechanism for specify the buff for the person (right click on their unit frame and pick it?)
  • Allow it to distinguish between the user class so you don’t get presented with Paladin buffs if you’re a Priest.
  • Add a means of storing these preferences for these people.

Is that a tall order?

I took a quick look at LUA back when I was playing WAR but didn’t have a chance to get too far with it. Maybe I’ll give it a look…

Bah, who am I kidding? I probably won’t have or make time for that…


UPDATE: ZOMGBuffs addon might be what I’m looking for…


6 thoughts on “WTB An Addon Programmer…

  1. I think the only challenge here would be digging in the documentation to run logic that would cast based on class (if unitid() = 1 cast X) etc… Hmmmmm…..

  2. Does Pally Power no longer exist? That used to be a great mod I used all the time in raid or out but it has been a while since I checked for it

  3. The mod you will want is PallyPower. It has the added benefit of working with other paladins who have it. If in a raid, all the paladins with pally power will show up in the mod so you can coordinate your blessings together. It allows you to assign greater blessings per class and lesser blessings per individual.

    Here is the blessing heirarchy (from most needed to least):

    Tank spec – Kings, Sanc, Might
    DPS spec – Might, Kings, Sanc

    Feral tank – Kings, Sanc, Might
    Feral DPS – Might, Kings
    Balance – Kings, Wis
    Resto – Wis, Kings

    All – Might, Kings, Wis

    All – Kings, Wis

    Ret – Might, Kings, Wis
    Prot – Kings, Sanc, Might
    Holy – Wis, Kings

    Shadow – Kings, Wis
    Holy/Disc – Wis, Kings

    All – Might, Kings

    Enhance, Might, Kings, Wis
    Elemental – Kings, Wis
    Resto – Wis, Kings

    All – Kings, Wis

    Prot – Kings, Sanc, Might
    Arms/Fury – Might, Kings

  4. Pally Power still exists and I was using it but found it worked best when you were going to assign one Blessing to one class. If you needed to do two Blessings for the same class it didn’t work out so well (you had to manually rebuff any exceptions to the class assignment).

    i.e. Kaldonar was Boomkin, Macrow was Feral DPS and Hunting was Feral tank meant three different buffs for one class and I ended up having to buff them manually… which defeats the purpose of having an awesome addon to increase my Laziness skill.

  5. If you click on the individual name of the member (in the pally power buff assignment screen, under their class) you can assign specific member blessings.

  6. Hmm, thanks Mordiceius. I didn’t see anything about names of the members in the buff assignment screen? I’ll install it again and try to give it a real go.

    Thanks again!

    Aha! I found why I was having issues with PallyPower. I’ll give it another look later. This video was quite helpful.

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