It’s a Good Thing I Like Coffee…

Anyone who reads this for the next little while is going to notice a pattern. Monday morning, and possible Tuesday morning, I’ll be posting something about coffee.


We raid on Sunday (and Monday) night. Last night didn’t end too late, about 11:30pm Eastern which is early because we tend to go until 11:00pm Central (server), so we called it 30 minutes early. Why? Well, unlike last week we had 9/10 spots in the raid filled with Aftermath people and we kicked ass. We cleared Spider, Plague and Construct quarters with little problem. Only Thaddius gave us some issues due to some small mistakes like moving into position next to him before the main tank even agro’ed him. Then there was the main tank forgetting to turn on his agro stance – I was wondering why I was hearing Omen Threat Meter spaz out on me? Once we sorted that out, we spanked him.

What about the coffee? Tell us about the coffee! We want coffee!

Me too!

It’s a good thing I like coffee because I have no idea which type of coffee I made this morning. I was on autopilot and just put whatever pod was in front of me in the machine and fired it up. I’m drinking it and I’m not sure what it is. It’s not a flavoured one. It doesn’t seem too stong. Ah well. It is coffee.

I was bad last night. Even though the raid finished early, I stayed online to get my new polearm enchanted and then headed out to Feralas to raise my Skinning skill (along with my Polearm skill). Skinning is now up to 300 and I’m parked in the Outlands for more skinning fun. My Polearms skill is now up to about 350/400 – I hope to get it higher before tonight, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to get it there.

Ugh… with dropping Inscription (for Skinning) I now have to work on Sons of Hodir rep so I can by shoulder inscriptions from there. Fortunately, I’ve got my T7 shoulders so it should be awhile before I replace them.

Why did I drop Inscriptions?ย 

Too many other people were doing it, the results of the material use weren’t making more money than the materials would and there was too much random nature to it (research and darkmoon card creation). Now I’ll just sell everything I gather and Skinning goes well with Cooking since I can skin the stuff I farm for cooking materials. Hopefully, that will mean I can finally save up and earn the cash for my epic flying mount!


3 thoughts on “It’s a Good Thing I Like Coffee…

  1. I had to make sure I logged. I enchanted my gloves then I was out. One more raid night and then I can sleep Tuesday and recover from my cold

  2. Ooo, yeah Hud, that’s one awful cold!

    I don’t blame you on the inscription bit. That and once you get to WotLK skinning, selling that leather is worth all the time it takes to pick up the skill!

  3. You didn’t sound too bad over Vent and you didn’t screw up on tanking aside from grabbing that big farting dude instead of the slime he spawns but you did that last week too hehe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So far Skinning has been pretty easy to raise. I dropped Inscription yesterday morning and with a couple of hours of focus on it I was up to 300 later that evening. It’s much easier to raise when you’re level 80. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I debating picking up Mining instead, but I figure I’ll be skinning stuff I kill for the food mats. I might switch to mining (metals, stones, gems) if Herbalism isn’t helping out much, but I know Mining takes a bit more to raise. :\

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