Oops… I PVP’ed Myself!

What do you do at level 80?

Run heroics, hit some raid content, cap out your skills, cap reputation and bully other players. 

I popped on pretty late Saturday night and discovered Celem was being ganked by a level 80 Warrior. I dropped my Prot spec and switched over to Retribution and headed over to Grizzly Hills. Yes, it’s a PVP area. Yes, we’re on a PVE server. Yes, you could turn of your PVP flag, but Celem was doing some PVP quests.

And he was a level 74 Mage getting attacked by a level 80 Warrior. It’s just not right.

Before I got there, he grouped up with some others and took the Warrior out, but the Warrior was still hanging about and a level 80 Deathknight showed up too. 

Then I showed up followed shortly by Fourbit (level 80 Enhancement Shaman from our guild). We found the DK and spanked him. Three times. We found the Warrior and spanked him once. We then started running escort for Celem to make sure he wasn’t harassed by any more level 80s.

In comes the unmistakable sound of a Warrior’s Charge ability followed up with that sound again. Two Warriors and a Shadow Priest decided they’d get into it with us. Caught off by surprise they managed to get us. We took cover and rezzed near the bodies and got ganked again. 

Okay. We took better cover, rezzed, healed and buffed up then went looking for them. 

They didn’t stand a chance. They tried one more time and we smoked them again. It was so one sided they didn’t come back.

Later on in the evening, some more level 80s were harassing folks by the Airstrip in Borean so I zipped over there to see what was happening. A Blood Elf Paladin and a Hunter were harassing lowbies. If you attack a NPC you get flagged so they did that but they picked a quest giver. Apparently if you try to use that quest giver you get flagged too (or perhaps the folks buffed or healed it, dunno). So you have to level 80s ganking lowbies (I mean level 68-71 folks).

Not for long. 

I showed up with some other Aftermath folks (74 Priest, 80 Rogue) and we spanked them and corpse camp the Hunter a bit. Normally I don’t corpse camp, but if you’re going to be an asswipe then you’re going to get shit on. The Paladin then starts diving bombing to get our attention (drops low on his mount, gets nuked, flies up) so the Hunter can sneak away. Fine. It’s obvious what they’re doing, but who cares, it looks like they’re going to leave. 

They don’t. They catch a pair of level 70s in the nearby field and start trying to kill them. 

Say hello to my sneaky friend!

Chillessa appears behind them and starts laying into them. I come in stunning and blasting them, switching to the Hunter when I see the Paladin bubbles himself. Neferati (the Priest) is in there nuking and DoTing them and Chillessa dies (Neferati gets some bonus points for this). Hunter down, I switch to the Paladin and he drops too.

There is a little more harassing but eventually the bugger off – the Paladin bubbles and hearths out hehe. I spent the rest of the evening helping the level 71 Paladin from our guild who called us in (well, mentioned there was ganking and we headed right over) get to level 72.

Then I crashed for the night.

All in all, good fun. I’m going to have to get into some BGs or Arena matches.


5 thoughts on “Oops… I PVP’ed Myself!

  1. Thanks again for helping. I look forward to doing a BG or something too, I have never done one of those for WoW and I had some of the best times in DoaC in battlegrounds. The whole level 80 ganking me here wasnt the worst part, it was him corpse camping me all the way back to the pine lodge when I was clearing just trying to give up and go away. That sort of behavior is what aggravates me. If I am doing a pvp quest in the area and a enemy of roughly the same level is there, that is great, but this guy was clearing harassing lower levels for amusement. Where is the fun in fighting a battle you can’t lose because you are so much higher level then the opponent? Probably just some 12 year old, but even so they should know better …

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty lame and there seems to be a lot of people that do that sort of thing. I wouldn’t pin it on a 12 year old. Griff and Damo don’t seem to do that sort of thing. 🙂

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