I get done all the extra crap I have to do and get hit with a cold from hell. It’s probably my seasonal chest/sinus infection but I’m hoping to get it licked before it gets to the point of needing antibiotics.


To top that off, the D&D group wiped on a steroid-using wraith. The thing was huge! (Okay, technically only ‘large’) Possible solutions?

  1. Daylight Spell – would have rendered the Wraiths powerless
  2. Use the Orb – there was an orb in the room that was creating an illusion of a clear night sky which could have been used to create an illusion of a clear sunny day to much the same effect above. I did try to throw them a bone with use of Knowledge skills, but they failed their rolls.
  3. Protection from Evil/Law or Chaos – this would have prevented the wraiths from touching anyone under the effects of this spell as long as the person protected did not attack (I think? I’m too lazy to look up the spell)
  4. Let the Warforged Handle It – he had levels of Warforged Juggernaut which made him immune to ability score draining – back off and see if they’d follow, if not, leave the Warforged to take care of it.

Instead the remaining Cleric used his Rebuke ability and managed to control 4 of the regular wraiths (if he was good aligned, he would have destroyed them). Unfortunately, the wraiths couldn’t harm megawraith, but he did eliminate a big part of the danger. I actually hoped they’d get by that with the wraiths still in tow because it would have helped them with the dragon that was up at the top of the tower.

Wraiths get to suck Constitution out of someone. The little wraiths were doing a d6 Con while the big one was doing a d8. For every point in Con they drained, they got 5 HPs tacked on.

They also have a Lifesense ability which allows them to sense life (go figure) and tell how close to death a target is. They weren’t dumb either so they were going to clobber who ever was lowest first. Why?

Well, another ability of a Wraith is that when they reduce someone to 0 Constitution, they kill that person and in a d4 number of rounds that person comes back as a Wraith under control of the one that made him that way.

I shouldn’t leave out the part where the group’s Artificer imbued the Warforged’s greatsword with Ghost Touch. That was a good move.

Things just fell apart there. The group was in a pretty weak state from having had five encounters on the way up to there. Oddly enough, I was surprised to see they were running out of steam (i.e. class abilities). I guess we got into a pattern of 2-3 encounters per night so they figured they could rest. They were warned that it could be a lengthy night (in game) because they were using a horde of barbarians as a distraction and that would only last so long.

On to campaign version 2.0. The group is creating ‘good’ aligned characters to try to right the messy state their evil characters left the world in.

They seem pretty excited about it.


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